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Negotiator Name Phone When to Call
Gerry Terry0868542030Anytime
Johnny Craven087 6677354Anytime
Karl Craven087 7740265Anytime
Lolo Craven0872665330Anytime
Office01 803 0750Anytime
Paul Tobin086 8271556Anytime
Peter Quinn086 8372742Anytime
Rob Ryan087 2547526

Latest Sales on the market:

St. Vincent's Retreat CentreTermonfeckinSite€499,950
35.5 Acres Killallon Road ClonmellonKillallonSite€240,000
Sites At PortlickGlassonSite€79,000
48 Beresford,Custom House Square IFSC d 1Dublin 1Apt€350,000
78 College ViewBallymunApt€135,000
Aptmnt 3 Skelligs Court,Waterville.BlanchardstownApt€175,000
115 PortersfieldClonsillaApt€175,000
23 Boroimhe The maples,Swords Co Dublin.SwordsDuplex€245,000
4 Moy Glas DeneLucanHouse€275,000
3 Shandon RoadPhibsboroughHouse€350,000
19 RosehavenCastleknockApt€349,000
70 Clancy RoadFinglasHouse€250,000
Quarry House ,BallydurrowVirginia RoadHouse€248,000
2 Ravenswood RoadClonsillaHouse€349,000
13 WinderemereClonsillaHouse€265,000
63 HansfieldCloneeHouse€328,000
104 Hazelbury ParkCloneeHouse€299,950
27 Melville TerraceFinglasHouse€235,000
20 Cannonbrook CourtLucanHouse€325,000
Headfort RoadKellsHouse€450,000
Balnagon Upper, CarnarossKellsHouse€149,000
21 Lohunda DownsClonsillaHouse€234,950
5 Farmleigh ViewCastleknockHouse€800,000
"Butlers Lodge" Innishmore, M3Butler's BridgeHouse€299,950

Latest Lettings on the market:

112 Little Pace GallopsCloneeHouse€1,250 per month

Latest Commercial on the market:

Unit A4 Bymac Centre,North West Business ParkBlanchardstown2,000 sq. ft€2,000 per month
13G Blanchardstown Corporate Park 1Blanchardstown1,938 sq. ft€1,200 per month
Unit 16 Westpoint Business [arkDamastown800 sq. ft€700 per month
Jamestown Business CenterFinglas1,500 sq. ft€1,000 per month
Headfort Lodge,Headfort PlaceKells6,000 sq. ft€420,000
Century Business ParkFinglas400 sq. ft€400 per month
IFSCIFSC4,000 sq. ft€80,000 per year
Unit A5 Bymac Centre,North West Business ParkBlanchardstown1,500 sq. ft€750 per month
Coolport, Coolmine Business ParkBlanchardstown4,000 sq. ft€2,000 per month
6/50 Rosemount Business Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15Blanchardstown1,000 sq. ft€625 per month
11 Old Quarry, North West Business Park, Dublin 15.Blanchardstown225 sq. ft€350 per month
Base Enterprise Centre Ladyswell Road.Mulhuddart750 sq. ft€650 per month
Unit F4 Centrepoint Rosemount Business Park.Blanchardstown1,200 sq. ft€850 per month
Base Enterprise Centre Ladyswell Road.Mulhuddart750 sq. ft€650 per month
F5 Bymac Center, North West Business ParkBlanchardstown1,500 sq. ft€95,000
618 North West Business Park, BallycoolinBlanchardstown1,500 sq. ft€1,350 per month
15 Dunboyne Business ParkDunboyne1,000 sq. ft€800 per month
16 Ballyboggan Business CenterGlasnevin2,000 sq. ft€1,050 per month
Keypoint, Rosemount Business ParkBlanchardstown2,000 sq. ft€1,200 per month
(Former HSE Building) Kells Business ParkKells24,000 sq. ft€168,000 per year
Snugborough Business & Technology Park, BallycoolinBlanchardstown10,000 sq. ft€6,500 per month
Site 50 Rosemount Business Park, BallycoolinBlanchardstown3,000 sq. ft€1,400 per month
Keypoint, Rosemount Business ParkBlanchardstown200 sq. ft€400 per month
Centerpoint, Rosemount Business Park, BallycoolinBlanchardstown1,200 sq. ft€750 per month
19 Rosemount Business ParkBlanchardstown4,500 sq. ft€2,000 per month
1,000 Sqft ,Town CentreKells1,000 sq. ftCALL
Plaza 256 Suite 14, Second Floor,Dublin Corporate Park 2Blanchardstown1,615 sq. ft€25,000 per year
Bective StreetKells1,600 sq. ftCALL
THE SQUARE Town CentreTallaght1,500 sq. ftCALL
Unit 4C Fingal Bay Business ParkBalbriggan1,075 sq. ft€900 per month
Retail Unit
Unit 3 Corduff Shopping CentreCorduff754 sq. ft€1,250 per month
Deanstown House.Main StreetBlanchardstown624 sq. ftCALL
Unit 1 Corduff Shopping CentreCorduff600 sq. ft€150,000
35 A Bolton StreetDublin 1600 sq. ft€1,200 per month
Malahide RoadArtane3,714 sq. ft€675,000
1 Jamestown RoadFinglas2,300 sq. ft€2,800 per month
Tennis Court Pavillion, Main StreetKilmessan915 sq. ft€180,000
35 A Bolton SteetDublin 1350 sq. ft€70,000
11c Newgrange Business Park, Donore RoadDrogheda5,250 sq. ft€2,100 per month
Industrial Unit
31J Rosemount Business ParkBlanchardstown8,500 sq. ft€425,000
3 Centerpoint, Rosemount Business ParkBlanchardstown2,000 sq. ft€1,000 per month
18 Rosemount Business Park, BallycoolinBlanchardstown6,000 sq. ft€2,500 per month
15 Millbank Business ParkLucan1,800 sq. ft€1,600 per month
3 North West Business ParkBlanchardstown12,000 sq. ft€5,000 per month
Blanchardstown Corporate Park 2Blanchardstown2,500 sq. ft€125,000
Jamestown Business CenterFinglas6,500 sq. ft€2,200 per month
Jamestown Business CenterFinglas8,800 sq. ft€2,900 per month
Jamestown Business CenterFinglas24,000 sq. ft€5,000 per month
Cherry Orchard Industrial EstateCherry Orchard1,700 sq. ft€3,500 per month
Cherry Orchard Industrial Est.Cherry Orchard35,000 sq. ft€7,300 per month
C6 Bymac Centre, North West Business Park, BallycoolinBlanchardstown2,121 sq. ft€179,000
Snugborough Business & Technology Park, BallycoolinBlanchardstown70,000 sq. ftCALL
F 1 Bymac Center, BallycoolinBlanchardstown2,000 sq. ft€95,000
North CityFinglas1,800 sq. ft€1,000 per month
Slaney, Road, Dublin, Ind,, Est., Dublin 11.Glasnevin5,500 sq. ftCALL
Baldoyle Industrial EstateBaldoyle12,500 sq. ftCALL
Baldoyle Industrial EstateBaldoyle5,500 sq. ftCALL
Century Business ParkFinglas4,600 sq. ft€2,000 per month
Stadium Business Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin 11.Blanchardstown12,000 sq. ft€5,000 per month
Rosemount Business ParkBlanchardstown1,000 sq. ft€250 per month
Blanchardstown Corporate ParkBlanchardstown500 sq. ft€600 per month
Orion Business Campus,North West Business ParkBlanchardstown2,200 sq. ft€700 per month
Orion Business Campus,North West Business ParkBlanchardstown3,498 sq. ft€900 per month
5 Rosemount Business Park, BallycoolinBlanchardstown17,000 sq. ft€6,000 per month
103 North West Business Park, BallycoolinBlanchardstown4,500 sq. ft€1,350 per month
Rosemount Business ParkBlanchardstown20,500 sq. ft€11,000 per month
Stadium Business Park, BallycoolinBlanchardstown5,500 sq. ft€2,500 per month
GarristownGarristown8,000 sq. ft€1,500 per month
Dunboyne Business Park, Dunboyne, Co. Meath.Dunboyne10,000 sq. ft€4,250 per month
North West Business Park, BallycoolinBlanchardstown10,000 sq. ft€3,000 per month
Primside, North West Business Park , BallycoolinBlanchardstown1,750 sq. ft€700 per month
Primside, North West Business Park 4Blanchardstown4,000 sq. ft€1,650 per month
CityNorth, Stamullen, M1Stamullen4,500 sq. ftCALL
Centerpoint, Rosemount Business Park, BallycoolinBlanchardstown3,500 sq. ft€1,250 per month
Blanchardstown Corporate Park 2Blanchardstown6,500 sq. ft€2,500 per month
712 North West Business Park, BallycoolinBlanchardstown3,600 sq. ft€1,400 per month
12,500 Sq Ft ,Kells Business Park, Kells, Co MeathKells12,500 sq. ftCALL
Bective StreetKells4,300 sq. ftCALL
58,0000 Sqft On 6.acresKells58,000 sq. ftCALL
Coolmine Industrial EstateCoolmine750 sq. ft€185,000
291A Richmond RoadFairview2,500 sq. ft€99,950
22/23 And 24Finglas Business Park, Tolka Valley Rd.Glasnevin4,000 sq. ftCALL
Commercial Site
BallycoolinBlanchardstown69,696 sq. ft€395,000
Agricultural Land
Galboystown ,ClonmellonNavan35.50 acres€240,000
Sites At PortlickGlasson0.50 acres€79,000
Industrial Site
Rosemount Business ParkBlanchardstown32,670 sq. ft€2,000 per month