Inflated hse prices Trim, Co. Meath

By Watcher at 19:27, Fri April 23 2010, in Area Guide - 1 response

Can anyone tell me why Trim, Co. Meath has such inflated house prices. In May 2007 (near peak) a 4 bed, det on the right side of town was valued at 375K. By Aug 2007 the same houses were valued 450K (some of these houses are still on line at this price, obviously not sold!). Two & half yrs later, similar houses are still valued in the 320K-350K range. Is it possible the Estate Agents are brilliant in this little town and have out smarted many in the property market in this area.
They started back in late 2007 setting up a cushion of this bust. Smart people but Is it more true to suggest that these presently valued approx.325k houses have an actual value closer to 282K (-25%) or 263k (-30%). These same houses cost 90K-100K in 1997. Any one out there know the real value for Trim, Co. Meath?
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Inflated hse prices Trim, Co. Meath
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