Money owed from Landlord for Painting

By CanadianAlice at 13:05, Wed March 6 2013, in Tenant Rights

Hi There,

I\'m wondering if anyone could provide some advice on an issue I am having with a house I just moved out of.

I moved into a rented house in which the paintwork was destroyed from the previous tenants. When we complained to the property agent he came and touched up the marks on the walls. The job done was terrible - the paint wasn\'t even the same colour and it made the place look even worse.

Myself and my housemates decided it wasn\'t good enough and complained again to the agent who agreed with us that we could paint the house and that he would reimburse us for any paint purchased.

In February of this year I moved out of the house and requested that the paint money be included with my deposit when I got it back. I got my deposit and no paint money was included and they are not replying to any of my correspondence.

I know that it was a verbal agreement but surely this should still be legally binding and I should be entitled to get this money back.

Any advice anyone can give about what I can do would be a big help.

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Money owed from Landlord for Painting