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Hello - I wondered if you nice kind people on here could show me the way????? I\\\'m a 55 year old lady, wanting to move to Ireland. I am Irish, thanks for my dear old Irish nanny, and got my Irish passport etc, but I will need to work. I hear I will need to get a PPS number to a) find a short term rental place to live until I sell my house in the UK. b) to find a job.
Seems from what I\\\'ve read on here, it\\\'s cart before the horse. My work situation can be left for a while, but hat worries me is that seems I won\\\'t be able to open bank account or find a nice little flat without this PPS. number. Can anyone advise how to get my PPS - as I say, I am Irish, and just want to go back to my favourite country in the world and to eventually retire - but would need my PPS number before I even start to look for a short term rental. Any advice you nice people could give me, please? Thank you. Oh, nearly forgot, am looking for 6 month rental of a nice clean flat in either Donegal or Kerry, my two favourite counties. Thanks for reading and any advise as to how to apply for my PPS and find a nice little clean base for 6 months until my house sells, would be most gratefully received. Thanking you again - Pat
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