Schooling in South Dublin

By RyanB at 09:09, Sat May 6 2017, in Moving to Ireland - 1 response

Hi all,

We are moving to Dublin in June with my wife and two children aged 3/6. I am going to look after my three year old from home, as my job as a digital marketer is very flexible. We will, however, be looking to put my 6 year old into a school. We are looking to live in the Rathmines, Blackrock, Merrion Dublin 8 and 14 and wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations for schooling?

My son is currently at a small city based school here in New Zealand which is of an Anglican denomination. It seems most are Catholic in Dublin (which is understandable) but was wondering how the Angiclan up bringing would transfer well into the school system.

Anyone have a rough idea per month/teerm the fees would be?

Any recommendations are greatly received!
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Schooling in South Dublin
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