Moving to Ireland from the UK

By Darren Kenyon at 13:05, Thu June 8 2017, in Moving to Ireland - 2 responses

Myself my wife and my 2 daughters would like to move over to Ireland from Leicester (UK). We need to wait at least 3 years due to my youngest daughter finishing her education.
I have before marriage, lived and worked in Dublin during the 1990ís and as a family we visit Ireland regularly. We are ideally after living somewhere not in Dublin as we would prefer to live somewhere more rural.

I currently work as an Artworker/Project Manager for a Graphic Design Consultancy and have been doing so for over 22 years now at various companies. As I am in my Mid-40s I would consider a change in Career/job as I understand outside of the main cities my current line of work is not readily available. I would consider if required re-training/night school to gain other qualifications before our move if it helps with job prospects. We as a family have discuss the option of moving over to Ireland at length but feel we need to ask further questions to see if it is financially viable based on our circumstances.

Obviously there will be inheritances but it could be another 15-20 years before we get this, so we would rather work on what we currently know we have. We would be moving over with £50K (Sterling) and would be happy renting somewhere first as a family. It would be ideal to move with a job secured first but if we had to move first then find work that would be fine for us.

If I was to take a Job in a field I am not trained in what would be the minimum pay per annum I would need to pull in to cover rent, Heating, Cable TV etc.

Any feedback would be welcomed.
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