Buying dream house or location

By Large dream house over location for same price? at 00:15, Sun November 5 2017, in Buying or selling - 1 response

My husband and I are looking to purchase a new build in Cork. We are currently faced with two options. Stay in the same area we currently live in and know (Ballincollig), pay a higher price for a smaller house we will likely grow out of in the next 3-5 years or pay the same price for a lovely large home that will be our family home and last us the next 10 + years in an area that\'s smaller (Bandon). Commute wise will be similar maybe adding 10-20 minutes tops. We figure living in Bandon, we will have clonakilty and kinsale at our doorstep for activities and things to do. So is the larger home worth the sacrifice in location?
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Buying dream house or location
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