HAP and landlord ignoring

By HAP and landlord ignoring at 09:50, Tue November 7 2017, in Tenant Rights

Hi, how are you?

I have a question regarding HAP, landlord ignoring any kind of responsibilities on their part regarding the property.

So, I\'ve moved to Cork from Dublin last November. Found a place, all good. In April this year my wife and I had our first child. Since I\'m the only one working, we were eligible for HAP. Before I applied for anything, I\'ve asked the landlord at the time would he be ok with it. No reply for 2 weeks, after which we were handed a notice on termination, stating that they are selling the property. Even thou we were given an extension on the lease a month prior to me asking about HAP. So, clear as day that they are not actually selling. But, no public service can do anything about, I\'ve spent days walking from one place to the other, send countless emails and spent hours on end on the phone. Nobody can do anything.

Then, because I was forced to move out, with a two months old child at the time, I\'ve managed to find another apartment . Could\'t choose much, so the rent was even higher. And this is the current situation I\'m in. The lease signed is a joke, some random template printed out, no landlord info except for bank account to transfer money to. I had to take it, it was either that or being homeless with a baby. I do have a phone number and an email that was used to set up a viewing and all that. And they were quick to reply on them before I signed the lease. As soon as I signed the lease, gave the deposit and firsts months rent, all stopped. I had to call a plumber first 5 days from entering the place, as all pipes were clogged. Not something we could have done in 5 days. Sent them the invoice so they can refund me the money for repairs, nothing. Sent them an email saying that I want to go for HAP. nothing, ignored again. Sent another one after a week, nothing again. Sent another one after some time again, nothing. In the mean time, heating wasn\'t working, had to repair that, again, payed from my own pocket. And then, on the exact date when next months rent was due, because I didn\'t do the bank transfer few days before, but on that date, money wasn\'t on their bank account in the morning. And then, then I get a text on my phone from them asking where is the money. I\'ve been to treshold, rtb, city council. They just shift responsibilities one onto another, sorry, nothing we can do, and it goes on and on in circle. Treshold can\'t do anything as I don\'t have the landlords address. I can\'t get it as they are just ignoring me. City council and RTB don\'t reply to emails at all. And on top off that, it\'s been 4 moths that we are in this apartment, tenancy is still not registered.

Where can I call, email, something where someone will not just ignore everything and tell me to call somebody else?
Please and thank you
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HAP and landlord ignoring