Landlord selling - do we get notice

By whatanidiot at 09:32, Wed November 8 2017, in Tenant Rights - 2 responses

Hi All, our landlords are selling their house. We were told this time last year that one of the landlords was selling the house we rent as a \\\"warning\\\" when we asked for a mould issue to be repaired. Then this story changed to her selling own house and moving into the house we lived in, never given any kind of timescale but left sitting waiting. In the last two months both landlords have agreed to put the house up for sale. We have never received any written confirmation however they have held house viewings where we have been given two or three days notice that we cannot be in the house.
We have been 100% co-operative at all times. Even after they removed chests of drawers and left us living out of plastic boxes (which they were kind enough to provide!). Never complained, made sure the house was spotless for the viewings, and helped them to empty the attic of past tenants rubbish and left-overs.
However, our lease ended at the end of October and she is now telling us that we are on a month to month basis. I have lived in the house over 2 years, surely I have some rights here? Or because the lease is up do I now have no standing in this?

Thanks in advance
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Landlord selling - do we get notice
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