Selling Junior Penthouse

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Looking for some advice. We have a junior penthouse up for sale in close proximity to town, with a double garage. the apartment is in turn key condition. The asking price is 595K.
Its been on the market for over 7 months now. We have been getting viewings about once a week, but with no offers. The pool of people interested in buying this type of property appears to be limited.
We currently have an offer of 550K in cash, which initially we could not accept, as we know the market is fierce for your normal \\\\\\\"house\\\\\\\" type residence in the Dublin and surrounding areas.

We have now found an unexpected gem, in an area we would never have considered. New build, and placed an offer of 585K, which has been accepted.

We initially imagined a much larger house in an area like say Lucan or Maynooth for our buck, but potentially loosing a couple hundred sq feet by opting for this little gem so close to city centre.

My husband and I are really torn now, as to whether agree to sell at much lower asking price to move on into our new home. Or should we wait it out more to see if we get to asking price?
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