Eviction Rent

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To start off this is how the deposit system works in this shared house; whenever someone moves out the rest of the tenants living in the house *buy them out* by paying them money, this money is the return of the deposit for the tenant who is moving out. Eg. Someone moves out and all the other tenants pay them 200. So far I have paid people a few hundred as they move out. As someone moves out everyone\'s rent increases to make up for the tenant who has moved out.

In a shared house (8 people) the landlord has served an eviction notice, some of us want to move out before the next month\'s rent is due, if we move out are the remaining tenants expected to make up our rent until the final date on the eviction notice? We are all on the lease so if some of us move out will the last person in the house be expected to pay our rent to make up for us leaving even though we\'re being evicted?

Any advice is helpful, will answer any questions
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Eviction Rent
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