Time to find a rental property in Dublin

By SteffiDublin at 15:39, Tue December 5 2017, in Moving to Ireland

Hi all, I am moving over from the UK early next year, and have lived in Dublin before, so know it quite well and know how things work - however, the rental market has changed a lot since (10 years ago), so thought I\'d ask if you think it\\\'s reasonable to find a place within a week, whilst being in Dublin? It seems to be a very fast market right now.

I have a few months to sort it all out, but just wanted to gauge opinions, as I literally will have to fly back and forth for viewings and have a good week off closer to my move, where I can stay in Dublin and sort something.

Wonder if it was easier to do a short-term let, put stuff in storage, and then move when I have found something?

Thanks for your opinions!
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Time to find a rental property in Dublin