Voluntary Housing Association Tenants Rights

By inca63 at 19:45, Tue December 5 2017, in Tenant Rights

Ta for help - I was in Co. Council housing n had to move out quick due to harassment which led to ill health. Was told I would be taken off housing list if I moved out! Grand with me as I don\'t want to live in area! However I was put back on list even I don\'t want to be on list in this area. I am trying to move back to east coast n if I am on the housing list here will that affect my application if I apply to Housing Dept on East coast?
Moved into voluntary housing association apartment in multi unit block - under the new regulations do they HAVE to provide drying laundry facilities? There is no private yard/back garden. Trying to dry clothes on radiators. I did have a tumble dryer but told not to bring it with me ( we\'ll sort summat out)! as it was a vented one and would destroy the floor!
Also who is responsible for cleaning the hall/stairs and landings? I swept/mopped these areas on a few occasions and told not to do it anymore as if anyone slipped etc it my fault! They haven\'t been done for weeks n starting to smell, no heating system in these areas n the walls are full of black spots/dampness. Ventilation by opening the
I was also told not to bring a 3 seater couch bed (it\'ll get replaced) not! Not to bring a half n half fridge freezer (it\'ll get sorted)not! (The only way to fit this was to cut the counter n didn\'t want me to do that)! I am on a special food plan n kinda needed some freezer storage, have thrown out food on a few occasions.
A wardrobe wouldn\'t fit in the lift so I gave it to them along with the fridge freezer. I had to buy a clothes rail in lieu of wardrobe.
SKY TV dish not allowed, I have an old type TV, unable to get any main channels. What to do.
I know the H.Assoc. is voluntary - (short staffed n under funded) - they have landlord responsibilities.
Have maintenance to do n they just not doing it! I have told them, one of the guys came out to replace tiles in kitchen area, half done (6 weeks ago) n same with toilet fittings. Tried to fix this myself n new fittings I bought wouldn\'t fit!
I have withheld some rent in the hope that I could (bribe) them with it - when the stuff is fixed I give rent.
I realize there is a serious housing problem n know about homelessness n the situation with it, n I am fortunate to have a roof over my head! I went to a housing advice agency on two occasions but they never got back to me (busy busy)!

Appreciate any advice n THANKS.
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Voluntary Housing Association Tenants Rights