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Put up a long post about this last night but did not appear.

Tenants point:
If they register they are taken off the housing list for 2 years and deemed housed.
They must sign up for the 2years even if the landlord does not want them there for 2years(maybe landlord plans to sell) then the tenant may find it difficult to find a place.
If they get rent allowance at the moment and sign up for hap they cannot go back on it if they cannot find a place that will take hap.So in limbo. If the tenant is working part time then they can stay on rent allowance.
If they choose to go full time then they can apply for hap but they may not need it.

Landlord point:
Other sites give loads of information about what the landlord has to do;
Give a copy of the land registery that they own the property.
Proof that they paid the property tax and nppr (must give reg numbers)
Give tax clearance cert.
Give a copy of their bank statement showing the details of the account they have to use.
Rent paid in arrears.
If the tenant does not pay their 10% to 12.5% of their weekly income then the landlord gets nothing.
The council does not speak to the landlord.
The house is inspected and could cost you 10k to change window, doors, flooring, boilers etc.
There is an increase in insurance on the house.
the landlord is still bound by the 4% rpz so if the tenant says you can get more on the scheme you cannot.
You have to register with rtb.
You must deal with anti social behaviour.
You get 100% in the interest but you have to wait 3years for 20% for this year 20% next year and 20% after.
You have to fill in a form saying you are claiming this which mean you have to rent the property for the 3years.
You have to let the bank know you are renting to hap so you could have to change interest rate on the mortgage.
All this to help a tenant that may be able to pay the rent anyway.
I hope the admin will allow this to be posted as last night one did not go up.

OP if you plan to rent out only for a year then it might be better to tell the tenant your future plans as they may have difficulty in the near future.
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