Dodgy lodger

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Hi there

I just need some advice regarding a lodger/border in my home. I am the sole tenant on the lease of the house and all bills is on my name. I have been living in this home for little over 2 years now with my family. I had a big double room standing open and decided to talk to the landlord to get someone in the room. So I did and he was ok with me to do so. We are a family with 2 kids, and thought it would be a help financilally and also be good that someone will be home most of the time as we work different shift work.

I got a couple in and right from day 1 the agreement changed from their side. We agreed on the day of viewing the room is available for no less then 1 year. When they moved all their stuff in and paid a deposit and rent for the month they changed the story to only staying 2 months. I was disappointed and frankly annoyed that they took advantage of the fact they where in my home already. Been the good person I am, I said it was ok and decided that I will just look for someone else when the time is up. So we agreed that they will pay for the 2nd month rent when the time comes and then I will return their deposit to them, which I have no problem to do, when that month is over, if all bills are paid and room is in the condition I gave it to them. All well and done, had a few words as days goes on regarding small issues such as then doing their business from home, bringing strangers into my home without notifying me while my kids are there, etc.

Now, the day for rent has come and they are refusing to pay and saying I should keep the deposit for this month. I have not got this agreement with them and who\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s to say they won\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t change their story again when the month end comes? I am afraid I will be stuck with the bills too then as the house takes up a big portion for bills monthly as it is a 5 bedroom.

I am also very uncomfortable in my own home as the man is walking around telling me not to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'step on his toes\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' and he is aggressive enough. To a point where I had to ask him to keep his shouting at his girlfriend down because we don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t communicate like this in our house. We have kids and try to respect each other as much we can. I just feel this person a threat to us and I don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t want him here anymore. I have been forced to take time off work (2 weeks) to be able to be home to make sure the kids are ok and nothing dodgy will happen.

Even though I have not agreed to it, I would gladly give him the deposit back and let him go asap. Can anyone advise me on this please?

I know I have sole rights in the house being the tenant on the lease, I just want to know how to go about getting him out. Is changing the lock and putting his belongings on the porch a good option after notifying him to go (within reasonable time, one week at most by the way I feel now?)
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