Deposit Issue in sharing sub let house

By 20 Ardmore wood, Bray at 23:25, Wed March 7 2018, in Advice on House shares - 1 response


I was living in sharing house. We were total 3 persons in this house.
One person has lease on his name & he sublet the house to me & one another girl.
My monthly rent was 500 euro including bills & 500 deposit.
House owner asked him to leave the house & he convey the same message to us .
After serving one month notice period we left the house.
He returned only 100 euro & claimed 400 euro for below 2 reasons :
1. Mould stain on the window of my room
2. Electricity bills (electricity bills are always included in monthly rent) & even he did not show any electricity bills to us.

So he took 800 euro in total from both of us (400 mine & 400 that girl).

Any kind of help & lead on this would be highly appreciable,
so that these type of greedy person could get some lessons & would not do any wrong with honest persons.
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Deposit Issue in sharing sub let house
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