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Refusal to give back deposit

By VDubber at 16:17, Thu September 29 2011, in Social Forum (Dafties) - 3 responses

We moved into a property on 1st May 2009 and stayed until 13 September 2011. we originally had a 1 year contract that was not renewed. We gave the landlord 1 month's notice on 13th Aug and moved out on 13 Sep 11. The landlord owed us 435 euro from our deposit and refused to give it to us as he says I verbally told him we would stay longer.

I have filled in the PRTB form to try ot get the money back - how successful do you think we'll be? There was no damage to the house in fact things of value were left there

Thanks for any comments
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Refusal to give back deposit
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