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Social Forum (Dafties)

  • Nama in Social Forum (Dafties)

    In 2002 there was not enough houses in the country so the Govt paid millions to some ecomomist to come up with a solution his name was Bacon. High density houses was his solution (and not compulsory re-zoning and purch...

  • The weirdos you meet when looking for new flatmates in Social Forum (Dafties)

    I recently posted a story on my blog about a funny incident I witnessed when showing a prospective tenant around my rented apartment - http://www.lordoftherams.com/b log/ Anybody got any similar stories they'd l...

  • Plus one? in Social Forum (Dafties)

    Moving into a small 1bed soon. My bf has asked to move in with me......not sure how the new tenants will take this. Whats the general view on this?

  • Fascist Landlord in Social Forum (Dafties)

    I have to tell you this one. The hubby and I are looking for a new place to live, this is meant to be exciting finding new properties, going to view them etc. I honestly never believed that it was going to be as hard as it is. The p...

  • House and dog sitter wanted Kildare area. in Social Forum (Dafties)

    I'm moving overseas for a year and I need a mature dog lover to take care of my dog in my home. Kildare area, large house and garden. Must be a mature, reliable person or couple who will pay utilities etc.

  • Hous eor apartment needed in Wexford in Social Forum (Dafties)

    We are a couple in our mid to late twenties, we are hoping to find a house or apartment in Ferns or Camolin Villages in Wexford. We would like a place thats bright and airy. In around the 500 per month mark. If you can think of a...

  • Service Charges & Sinking Funds In Apartment Developments in Social Forum (Dafties)

    Hi, I've based my thesis around the management of apartment developments. I was wondering if anyone would like to share their experiences that they have had in relation to dealing with the developer, the manag...

  • Domm & Gloom etc in Social Forum (Dafties)

    where'd they all go? Lost their jobs in the bad times? I bet they took their own advice and things went downhill :(

  • seeking help /advice in Social Forum (Dafties)

    I live in essex in england and i own a cottage here, i have travelled to ireland on a regular basis over the past 3 years, i love ireland and everything irish..i wanted to embark on a property developing project to make some m...

  • suspect landlord in Social Forum (Dafties)

    hey i got a reply from someone on daft about an apartment. But I am worried about how genuine it is as no contact number or details has been provided except his first name. The email has a few mistakes and he is also asking if I h...

  • Renting in Thomas St. and James's St. area Dublin 8 in Social Forum (Dafties)

    Could anyone give advice on renting in the Thomas St. / James's St. areas of Dublin? I'm looking at an apartment but unsure of the area. All information appreciated, Thanks

  • NAMA the machine that will turn concrete Jungles back to Green Fields!!! in Social Forum (Dafties)

    Is Nama really going to take over half built estates in Ireland for 60-70 % their current "value" and rip them down, to turn the site once again to Agriculture use? What is the Profit in this for US (The tax payer) in the medium...

  • sub standard lettings for high prices.. in Social Forum (Dafties)

    hi, I looking for some help. I am currently finishing a photographic media degree and my final project is focused around the rental market. I was interested to learn of all the new empty units around the Dublin and yet ...

  • Removal Man in Social Forum (Dafties)

    Hey there! Are you moving house/apartment etc? I can help take away some of the stress of moving. I have a Large Ford Transit van and can move all your belongings very quickly for you. I do local and national deliveries and my...

  • Rent 2 buy in Social Forum (Dafties)

    anybody know of rent to buy property in counties of, Dublin, meath, wicklow (north) laoise, kilkenny cavan or any place 1 hr drive from dublin? looking out but cant find cheers -dave

  • Danish Daft or equivalent in Social Forum (Dafties)

    Does anyone know of a website like Daft for Denmark (or even just Copenhagen)? I'm looking for a 4 month house share there in the summer.

  • Sheepdog Trainer looking for farmhouse (and sheep!) in Social Forum (Dafties)

    Looking to rent a farmhouse, preferably on a sheep farm. The reason is I own and train sheepdogs. Has anyone got any tips? Preferably in the Kilkenny area, but willing to move. Talk to me!

  • repossessed houses in Social Forum (Dafties)

    does anyone know the exact number of repossessed houses in ireland in 2009 , and a web site for reference

  • Beware - bully landlord in Errigal Road in Social Forum (Dafties)

    I moved out of a disgraceful property about 6 weeks ago. I spent a few months in there for various reasons. Property is falling apart, there's mould in the shower, back door is rotting away, doors don't open, windows don't ...

  • Rent allowance scheme in Social Forum (Dafties)

    I'm thinking of signing my house over to the rent allowance scheme, is this a good or bad idea? Does any body out there have any experience of this scheme.

  • Does Anyone Know How Home Swap Works? in Social Forum (Dafties)

    Can anyone tell me how home swap works?? I'd imagine a solicitor does most of the work but how does it work regarding your mortgage with the bank? Is there any easy way around it? I have a mortgage on house now, want to do a house...

  • Greedy Bankers in Social Forum (Dafties)

    Took out an interest only mortgage 4 years ago with roll up for 2 years. Since then the bank request 2 yearly interest payments and the agreement is reviewed twice yearly. The problem I have is that each time the bank increa...

  • PRTB Dispute & Enforcement Services in Social Forum (Dafties)

    Here's a landlord question. Anyone got anything good or bad to say about the PRTB's dispute service and their enforcement (of decisions)service? Thanks,

  • How Landlords decide rent and give inaccurate descriptions in Social Forum (Dafties)

    Hi I'm just deciding to ask a very stupid question, where on earth do landlord come up with the prices they are going to charge for their properties and the descriptions that are given? All I ever see is run down (pe...

  • searching for a place on daft in Social Forum (Dafties)

    how come some properties turn up neither in the search for rentals again nor in the recent let list, do they disappear or what happens to them?