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Area Guide

  • Wicklow town? in Area Guide

    Any information about Wicklow town or nearby in relation to best areas to rent in? primary schools? public transport? facilities/services for families? etc. I'm originally from a different area of Ireland so don't kn...

  • Howth View Park/Donaghmede Area in Area Guide

    Thinking of moving to Donaghmede but not sure what the area is like? Anyone live there or know what kind of area it is?

  • Sandyford - Beacon/Cubes apartments in Area Guide

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone is living in the Beacon/Cubes apartments in Sandyford how you find it? Are the apartments around there full? I see a lot of them for rent which leads me to believe they are empty! I have prev...

  • Areas in Dublin city in Area Guide

    I am moving to Dublin and was wondering if someone could tell me some good areas to live as a single female. Perhaps some areas to avoid as well?

  • Looking for info on Stoneybatter in Area Guide

    Anyone have any experience of Stoneybatter? How suitable is it for a couple with a small baby? Is it reasonably quiet and safe? Cheap groceries nearby (Tesco, Dunnes, Aldi etc)?

  • charliemike in Area Guide

    Can all you good and kind irish people tell me were to move to in ireland I love cork and kerry but obviously prices are dearer there ,thinking more roscommon or mayo.

  • Raphoe Road, Crumlin in Area Guide

    Enquiring about Raphoe Road in Crumlin - is this a quiet road to live or does it suffer from some of the problems associated with other areas of Crumlin ? I hear good things about this road but would like more feedback please....

  • Looking for house to rent in Naas in Area Guide

    I want to rent a 3 bed house in Naas. What is a reasonable rent to pay for a modern house there?

  • Moving to Wexford area : good places for a family with 3 children ( aged 8, 4, 2 ) ? ... reccomended in Area Guide

    Hi. I am planning to move for at least 2 years to the Wexford larger area ( we are planning to rent a detached/semi detached house ). I am looking for a quiet spot to spend sometime with my family : we are getting sick of t...

  • Dalkey student accomodation in Area Guide

    What kind of area is Dalkey? I am going to Trinity College Dublin next year, and haven't been able to get accomodation through the college. I am looking at Dalkey as an option, so I am hoping for some opinions on the area! ...

  • Where to live if working in Dun Laoghaire in Area Guide

    Hi! I'm moving to Ireland from Spain next week. I'm going to be working in Dun Laoghaire, so I'd really appreciate any advice on the best areas to live, regarding my circumstances. My first option would be living in Du...

  • Rent2buy in Area Guide

    Is the rent to but scheme still available and if so how do you go about it?

  • relocating drogheda in Area Guide

    Am looking to relocate to Drogheda, could anyone point me in the right direction. I like the idea of living in a multi cultural area, preferably close to Aston Village, could anyone advise here of somewhere nice thanks a m...

  • North County Dublin? in Area Guide

    Hi, I'm looking to move to north county Dublin - Balbriggan/Donabate/Rush/Skerr ies? Anyone pick one over the other? We will be travelling to Dublin Airport and Blanchardstown for work. I don't mind being so far from the...

  • North County Dublin? in Area Guide

    Hi, I'm looking to move to north county Dublin - Balbriggan/Donabate/Rush/Skerr ies? Anyone pick one over the other? We will be travelling to Dublin Airport and Blanchardstown for work. I don't mind being so far from the...

  • St Rapheals - Priory Close Or The Dales, St Wolstons - Celbridge, Co Kildare in Area Guide


  • Good area? in Area Guide

    hi,everyoe. How is the area beside NUTGROVE SHOPPING CENTRE? (Near Carrickmount ave) Many thanks!

  • Yet another "Where to live?" Apologies in Area Guide

    Hi all, so myself and two friends are moving back to dublin. they will be in college in griffith college and i shall be working in the city. Sounds great but it's not. Having lived in Rathmines previously that was our fi...

  • Moving to Tuam in Area Guide

    Hi All, Looks like my fiancee and I will be moving to Tuam - any areas we should avoid? Thanks ijn advance

  • Moving from Belfast - Dublin in Area Guide

    Hi everyone, Im moving to Dublin from Belfast for my job in October and was wondering where people recommend I should stay? My job is in IFSC and I am not sure where to live... I have heard good reports about IFSC/Ba...

  • Is Cork City far from Midleton? (by public transport or car etc) in Area Guide

    How far is Cork City from Midleton?

  • any suggestions? in Area Guide

    My boyfriend and I are planning on moving to Galway or Cork next year, most likely Cork. Due to the fact, neither of us are fond of living in the city but not the country side either (as I cant drive), we are trying to think of a d...

  • fintans villas deansgrance - nice? in Area Guide

    Hi - just wondering if anyone knew what St Fintans Villas, Deansgrange was like... is it a nice area to bring up a young family? Any info would be much appreciated... thanks

  • Ledwidge hall, slane in Area Guide

    Does anyone know anything about ledwidge hall estate in Slane co meath. The houses look very nice but for a small village there are a lot of them for sale.Is anyone aware of any problems or reasons why people may be selling t...

  • student accommodation/sharing accommodation in Area Guide

    Hey im an undergraduate student and im going to be movin up to dublin in september to attend the montessori ami college. My major question is does anybody know areas to live in which are very close or not far from the college,...