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Area Guide

  • sandyford/stepaside to Bluebell/Inchicore Commute in Area Guide

    Hey Looking to move to sandyford/stepaside area. Will have to commute up the M50 to the Nass rd. Does anyone do the commute from sandyford/stepaside to Bluebell/Inchicore. How long does it take? Is it worth the drive e...

  • castlebar/westport/achill in Area Guide

    hi we are looking for a 3/4 bedroomed house in castlebar/westport/achill area rent allowance must be taken after the first 6 months.untill then i will be paying the rent out of my saveings.landlord/lady must a...

  • Narrowed down to areas in North Dublin - grateful for advice esp. safety considerations in Area Guide

    Hi, I am moving to Dublin for work and have been looking at accommodation (1 bed apartments). My workplace is near the Mater Hospital, and so far I've been looking at Dublin 1, 7 and 9. It seems that parking is scarce...

  • Healthy eating! in Area Guide

    I just moved to the Harold's Cross/Kimmage area. I'm also a very poor student and asondering if anyone knewe of any good fruit and veg shops around the area? Thanks!

  • Accomodation in Dublin in Area Guide

    Hey Im a student who is moving down to Dublin for a year on work placement. I am going for house viewings this week but have no idea of what the areas are like and if they are safe enough areas to live in. If you know Dublin pl...

  • re-locating to Ireland..... Interested in possible move to Roscommon in Area Guide

    Hi, my husband and I want to re-locate to Ireland from Italy. We've read a lot about Roscommon and have been attracted by the fact that the house prices are not so high. Anyone have any ideas on where are the best places to loo...

  • St Rapheal's Estate in Celbridge, Co. Kildare??? in Area Guide

    Looking to purchase a house in St Rapheal's Estate in Celbridge. Can anyone tell me if this is a nice area - we have two small children and would like a family friendly place to live. Any information would be much appreciate...

  • Ashfield, Mullingar-bad or good area??? in Area Guide

    hi, we currently looking to buy a house in the Mullingar-Ashfield,we have-3 childs,, can someone please tell about the area-bad or good??? Near good shools?Mullingar town?Thanks very much

  • Kiltimagh & Other Small West-of-ireland Towns in Area Guide

    Do the Local Agents realy think that they can beat the National Property Market - when the rest of the country is being taught a hard lesson. Truth be told, at the height of the property boom 2007/8 prices nationally we...

  • What do you think of Allendale - Dublin 15? Safe and good? in Area Guide

    Hi al, what do you think of Allendale, in Dublin 15 (Clonsilla)? Is it a safe and good area to buy an house? Is it the kind of place where my wife walk back alone from the train station in the winter dark evenings witho...

  • Greystones in Area Guide

    We are first time buyers and considering buying a house in greystones. We are looking at laburnum or heathervue. What are these areas like? We both work in Dublin so will have to travel by dart everyday. Or any other areas u ...

  • Inflated hse prices Trim, Co. Meath in Area Guide

    Can anyone tell me why Trim, Co. Meath has such inflated house prices. In May 2007 (near peak) a 4 bed, det on the right side of town was valued at 375K. By Aug 2007 the same houses were valued 450K (some of these houses are still...

  • County Kildarte, maybe Clane? in Area Guide

    Hi. We are planning a move to Co.Kildare in the next 6mths. We need access to Dublin for work but at the same time want to live away from Dublin! We have young children so need amenities, schools etc. I was thinking about ...

  • Celbridge - Nice Areas in Area Guide

    NICE PLACES TO LIVE IN CELBRIDGE - any ideas looking for family friendly - children2 + 4

  • Reask Crescent,Commons road,Navan??? in Area Guide

    hi, we are currently looking to buy a house in the Reask csrescent,Navan,we have-3 childs,, can someone please tell about the area-bad or good??? Thanks!

  • Clondalkin,Shancastel-area,please???? in Area Guide

    hi, i am currently looking to buy a house in the Clondalkin,Shancastel drive,we have-3 childs,, can someone please tell about the area-bad or good???

  • Marigold, Dublin 17-bad or good area?????? in Area Guide

    Hi, I am planning to buy a house in Marigold, Dublin 17 . Is there anything I need to know about this area? Thanks a million! I have 2 children.

  • Do not rent/buy in Knocmaree Chapelizod!!!! in Area Guide

    Hi guys, I just want to post a quick advice regarding renting/buying in Knockmaree development in Chapelizod, Dublin 20. I have rented an apartment there for 1 year and it was a living hell. The apartment itself was lov...

  • Looking for 1 bed apartment or cottage to rent in Kildare in Area Guide

    Hi I am new to this forum and would appreciate some help. My partner has recently got a job in Dublin West/Kildare border and we are looking for a 1 bed apartment or cottage in Kildare to rent. Max we can pay though ...

  • Newbridge query!!! in Area Guide

    is Ballymany manor an ok area???looking at renting in newbridge and would love a bit of local knowledge before I make a final decision!!

  • moving to beaumont in Area Guide

    we r moving to dublin this summer,from the states.my husband will be working in beaumont hosp,what would be the best area to rent considering that i have 2 kids primary school age and my husband would like to avoid the the t...

  • kildare town in Area Guide

    i'm looking at moving to kildare town and renting in the area. any areas i should be looking at more keenly than others? any 'dodgey' areas? don't know the area at all so would appreciate any help???

  • kinsale or cork in Area Guide

    might have ajob in kinsale soon where would people recommend to live ,kinsale or commute from cork.If cork what areas would be good and easy to travel from

  • Lochunda - bad or good area?????? in Area Guide

    Hi, Any information on what Lochunda area in Clonsilla is like ,thinking of three bedroom semi detached bungalow there. I have 2 children. Thank you

  • moving to dublin in Area Guide

    Looking for some help moving to Dublin for with my job in next few months with my partner. I will be working in Tallaght area my partner will be working in the city centre so looking to rent some where in between. Can anyone su...