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Daft is Ireland's biggest property website and has been providing low cost online advertising to Irish estate agencies, landlords, homeowners and tenants since 1997. Due to our low costs and our award-winning ease-of-use, we have become Ireland's biggest property site. We remain totally focused on Property and have got something for everyone on Daft.ie.

We do property for sale, property to let, accommodation sharing, office spaces, retail spaces, short-term apartments, holiday homes at home and abroad, foreign property for sale, parking spaces and new homes. We are a nationwide website and have property available in every county.

Daft delivers 137 million pages of properties to over 1,976,375 visitors each month (that's a new visitor every 15 seconds). We have the largest selection of properties online, with over 100,000 properties available for sale and to let at any one time. Over 1,500 estate agents and 80,000 landlords/homeowners advertise with us on a regular basis. Please browse our full sitemap below.


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Dublin New Homes
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