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Smith Harrington Auctioneers


Negotiator Name Phone Alt. PhoneWhen to Call
Frank Harrington046-9021113046-90211139am - 5.30pm (closed for lunch 1-2pm)
Helen Lardner046-9021113087-98740989am - 5.30pm (closed for lunch 1-2pm)
Joan McCullen046-90211139am - 5.30pm (closed for lunch 1-2pm)
Joanne Husband046-9021113087-9874098
John Harrington046-90211139am - 5.30pm (closed for lunch 1-2pm)
John Harrington Jnr046-90211139am - 5.30pm (closed for lunch 1 - 2pm)
Judy Smith046-90211139am - 5.30pm (closed for lunch 1 - 2pm)
Smith Harrington046-90211139am - 5.30pm (closed for lunch 1-2pm)

Latest Sales on the market:

Antylstown, Proudstown RoadNavanSite€55,000
Gaskinstown LaneDuleekSiteCALL
Simonstown LaneNavanSite€45,000
Simonstown LaneNavanSite€50,000
Dunlough, RobinstownNavanSiteCALL
Betaghstown, ArdbraccanNavanSite€49,000
Rathdrinagh, BeauparcNavanSiteCALL
Betaghstown, ArdbraccanNavanSite€55,000
Batterstown, Proudstown RoadNavanSite€60,000
Neilstown, BohermeenNavanSite€49,000
Blackcastle, Slane RoadNavanSite€100,000
Neilstown, BohermeenNavanSite€80,000
School RoadRathkennySite€100,000
Jamestown, BohermeenNavanSite€110,000
Neilstown, BohermeenNavanSite€65,000
Herbertstown, BohermeenNavanSite€107,000
Caddagh, Clongill, WilkinstownNavanSite€70,000
Gormanlough, StackallenNavanHouse€120,000
School Road, RathkennyNavanHouse€75,000
Dollardstown, BeauparcNavanHouse€120,000
33 Moathill ManorNavanApt€95,000
14 Blackcastle LodgeNavanApt€85,000
101 Blackcastle Lodge, FlowerhillNavanApt€82,500
25 Bridge StreetNavanHouse€60,000
17 Chestnut Hall, JohnstownNavanApt€85,000
3 Parnell ParkNavanHouse€119,000
72 AbbeygroveNavanHouse€145,000
72 AbbeygroveNavanHouse€145,000
Alexanderaide, Navan, Co.MeathNavanBungalow€250,000
Bru Na HAbhainn, Slane RoadNavanHouseCALL
Castle ParkSlaneHouse€245,000
156 Blackcastle DemesneNavanHouse€167,000
15 Birch Drive, JohnstownNavanHouse€159,000
Knockharley, BrownstownNavanHouseCALL
Monktown, Garlow CrossNavanHouse€340,000
51 Brews HillNavanHouse€250,000
1 Clonmagadden ParkNavanHouse€185,000
31 WoodlandsNavanHouse€180,000
Dublin RoadNavanHouse€485,000
Woodboyne, Boyne RoadNavanHouse€425,000
27 Herbert PlaceNavanHouse€295,000
27 Herbert PlaceNavanHouse€295,000
20 Castleview, AthlumneyNavanHouse€279,000
The Rosses, Old Athlumney RoadNavanHouse€385,000
12 The Court, Glenveigh, Boyne RoadNavanHouse€215,000
12 LeighsbridgeNavanHouse€289,000
35 Blackcastle Estate, Slane RoadNavanHouse€155,000
6 The Prospects, Athlumney AbbeyNavanHouse€289,000
Alexander ReidNavanHouseCALL
65 Boyne View, JohnstownNavanHouse€175,000
4 Kilcarn Heights, Dublin RoadNavanHouse€280,000
7 The Cedars, Beaufort PlaceNavanHouse€192,500
Slane Castle Demesne, LittlewoodSlaneHouse€329,000
The Bungalow, AllenstownNavanHouse€397,500
Kentstown Road, AthlumneyNavanHouse€460,000
Cregg RoadNobberHouse€180,000
Monktown, Garlow CrossNavanHouse€395,000
Stonebridge, AthlumneyNavanHouse€950,000
7 Boyne Cottages, Boyne RoadNavanHouse€275,000
48 Brews HillNavanHouse€350,000
Headfort PlaceKellsHouseCALL
Staholmog Stores, Staholmog, Ardee RoadKellsHouseCALL
No. 4 GirleyFordstownHouse€315,000
Horistown, RathkennyNavanHouse€220,000
Carne Wood, JohnstownNavanHouse€650,000
Farganstown, Boyne RoadNavanHouseCALL
Ballynabarney, DrummondLongwoodHouseCALL

Latest Commercial on the market:

Church HillNavan1,600 sq. ft€150 per month
Trimgate Street & Preston PlaceNavan2,153 sq. ft€8,500 per year
Navan Enterprise Centre, Trim RoadNavan-€15,000 per year
Mullaghboy Industrial EstateNavan2,637 sq. ft€15,000 per year
CornmarketNavan718 sq. ft€12,000 per year
FlowerhillNavan1,248 sq. ft€10,000 per year
Kennedy RoadNavan7,024 sq. ftCALL
Johnstown Medical Centre, JohnstownNavan807 sq. ft€14,000 per year
57 FlowerhillNavan1,087 sq. ftCALL
Church HillNavan224 sq. ft€8,500 per year
Ludlow StreetNavan377 sq. ft€450 per month
18 Market SquareNavan575 sq. ft€11,000 per year
Kennedy RoadNavan1,184 sq. ft€8,000 per year
Cannon RowNavan3,671 sq. ft€30,000 per year
FlowerhillNavan1,862 sq. ft€17,000 per year
Flower HillNavan1,248 sq. ft€15,000 per year
NewbridgeNavan1,521 sq. ft€25,000 per year
2 Cannon RowNavan965 sq. ft€1,300 per month
57 Academy StreetNavan614 sq. ftCALL
Bridge StreetNavan470 sq. ftCALL
First Floor, Kennedy PlaceNavan1,372 sq. ft€16,500 per year
9 Market SquareNavan1,098 sq. ft€80 per week
Flower HillNavan920 sq. ft€11,400 per year
57 Flower HillNavan1,089 sq. ft€10,000 per year
Trimgate StreetNavan921 sq. ft€80 per week
Retail Unit
42 Watergate StreetNavan1,959 sq. ftCALL
Preston PlaceNavan1,227 sq. ft€16,000 per year
Market StreetKells3,821 sq. ft€200,000
9 Market SquareNavan377 sq. ft€15,000 per year
10 Cannon RowNavan1,450 sq. ft€15,000 per year
21 Railway StreetNavan267 sq. ft€6,000 per year
Bective LodgeKilmessan900 sq. ft€50,000
Abbey RoadNavan1,033 sq. ft€17,500 per year
Kennedy RoadNavan1,179 sq. ft€20,000 per year
1 Ashwalk MewsArdee-CALL
63 FlowerhillNavan969 sq. ftCALL
Duleek Business ParkDuleek25,155 sq. ftCALL
9 C Cannon RowNavan2,581 sq. ft€30,000 per year
8 Ludlow StreetNavan323 sq. ft€125 per week
9 Ludlow StreetNavan338 sq. ft€120 per week
Unit D, Metges LaneNavan812 sq. ft€16,000 per year
Unit E, Metges LaneNavan1,270 sq. ft€17,000 per year
10 Railway StreetNavan678 sq. ft€675 per month
Athboy Business ParkAthboy6,448 sq. ft€18,000 per year
The Kennedy Centre, Kennedy RoadNavan2,776 sq. ftCALL
3 Brews HillNavan880 sq. ft€8,500 per year
4 Metges LaneNavan1,066 sq. ft€130,000
Watergate StreetNavan1,666 sq. ft€20,000 per year
JohnstownNavan1,529 sq. ftCALL
21 Railway StreetNavan258 sq. ft€6,000 per year
Unit 3, Kennedy Centre, Kennedy RoadNavan743 sq. ft€850 per month
GibbstownNavan1,271 sq. ft€14,400 per year
Hidden Treasures, 24 Flower HillNavan481 sq. ft€10,400 per year
Unit 2 DunmoeNavan1,207 sq. ft€3,000 per year
11 Trimgate StreetNavan770 sq. ft€15,000 per year
57 Academy StreetNavan431 sq. ft€13,500 per year
5 Carrick StreetKells377 sq. ft€8,580 per year
Unit 5, Chartered BuildingsNavan1,800 sq. ft€50,000 per year
Industrial Unit
Abbey RoadNavan3,000 sq. ftCALL
GibbstownNavan5,630 sq. ftCALL
Liscarton, Kells RoadNavan451 sq. ftCALL
Balmoral Stores, Balmoral EstateNavan1,399 sq. ftCALL
Balmoral Stores, Balmoral EstateNavan3,383 sq. ftCALL
DeanhillNavan19,220 sq. ftCALL
ClonmaggaddenNavan1,421 sq. ft€450 per month
St. Finian's TerraceNavan-€300 per month
Unit 16 Mullaghboy Industrial EstateNavan4,521 sq. ftCALL
GainstownNavan25,000 sq. ftCALL
Ardee Enterprise CentreArdee157,218 sq. ft€400,000
Kells RoadNavan8,138 sq. ft€24,000 per year
25 Mullaghboy EstateNavan15,000 sq. ftCALL
ArdsallaghNavan15,337 sq. ft€18,000 per year
VeldonstownKentstown10,000 sq. ft€17,000 per year
DeanhillNavan15,554 sq. ftCALL
ClonrossDunshaughlin7,912 sq. ft€10,000 per year
Mullaghboy Industrial EstateNavan41,172 sq. ftCALL
Unit 1 DunmoeNavan2,200 sq. ft€7,800 per year
LismullenNavan11,840 sq. ft€10,200 per year
DufflandsNavan1,600 sq. ft€9,000 per year
KilcarnNavan10,000 sq. ft€500,000
ArdbraccenNavan240 sq. ft€4,800 per year
Ringelstown, KilmessanNavan1,916 sq. ftCALL
Unit 19 Mullaghboy Industrial EstateNavan5,000 sq. ftCALL
PhoenixtownNavan2,040 sq. ftCALL
Unit 27 Mullaghboy Industrial EstateNavan5,000 sq. ftCALL
Mullaghboy Industrial EstateNavan10,000 sq. ftCALL
Rathdrinagh, BeauparcNavan3,272 sq. ft€8,400 per year
Rockfield House, RockfieldKells5,436 sq. ftCALL
Unit 14 Mullghboy Industrial EstateNavan6,000 sq. ft€22,000 per year
Commercial Site
WilkinstownNavan13,068 sq. ft€70,000
Cannon RowNavan9,365 sq. ft€595,000
NewbridgeNavan17,424 sq. ft€400,000
Agricultural Land
Ballinabrannagh Arklow, Ballincarrig Upper & BallinaparkAvoca125.00 acresCALL
CreewoodSlane36.50 acresCALL
BoyerstownNavan4.08 acresCALL
ArdcalfSlane29.00 acresCALL
Flletchardstown, WilkinstownNavan3.48 acres€50,000
LismullenTara90.00 acresCALL
Collierstown & Commons, TaraNavan160.00 acresCALL
Grangeclare, OristownNavan37.00 acresCALL
LisdornanBellewstown41.00 acresCALL
CrewbaneSlane8.00 acres€100,000
BectiveNavan14.83 acresCALL
Knockharley, BrownstownNavan28.00 acresCALL
GravelstownCarlanstown7.09 acres€75,000
Mayo Road, GibbstownNavan30.98 acresCALL
Knock, Castletown KPNavan22.68 acresCALL
Mayo Road, GibbstownNavan8.20 acres€80,000
DrumbaraghKells25.60 acresCALL
The CommonsNavan7.10 acresCALL
BellinterNavan89.00 acresCALL
KilmainhamwoodKells23.97 acresCALL
Assigh, TaraNavan14.50 acresCALL
Maperath & MountainpoleKells52.57 acres€400,000
Philpotstown, DunderryNavan4.44 acres€65,000
BectiveNavan10.84 acres€110,000
Tullaghanstown, Athboy RoadNavan5.20 acresCALL
PiercetownRathfeigh30.00 acresCALL
Rathcoon, KilberryNavan9.64 acresCALL
MonknewtownSlane30.00 acresCALL
Loughanstown, RathfeighNavan43.50 acres€435,000
Castletown KPNavan1.66 acresCALL
Clongill, OristownNavan9.63 acresCALL
Flemingstown, KentstownNavan24.00 acresCALL
Bush Road, GibbstownNavan17.10 acresCALL
DunmoeNavan40.50 acresCALL
The BorallionNavan6.50 acresCALL
MooreparkNavan27.81 acresCALL
BohermeenNavan8.00 acresCALL
Castlemartin, Kells RoadNavan41.00 acresCALL
AllenstownKells7.50 acres€70,000
Ladyrath, WilkinstownNavan15.81 acres€150,000
Balbrigh & Dunlough, RobinstownNavan88.50 acresCALL
Robinrath, Athboy RoadNavan6.00 acres€60,000
GibbstownNavan18.00 acresCALL
Heronstown & ParsonstownLobinstown28.00 acresCALL
Parsonstown, LobinstownNavan37.00 acres€370,000
Coghalstown, WilkinstownNavan20.00 acresCALL
CortoberCootehill4.39 acresCALL
ChurchtownNavan5.00 acres€35,000
CastlemartinNavan5.88 acres€100,000
RingelstownKilmessan23.00 acres€325,000
Restaurant / Bar / Hotel
Main StreetNobber-€300 per week
BlackfriaryTrim3,008 sq. ft€18,000 per year
Industrial Site
Donore RoadDrogheda155,000 sq. ftCALL
Development Land
Batterstown, Proudstown RoadNavan2.54 acresCALL
Marleys LaneDrogheda2.52 acresCALL
Trim RoadNavan36.80 acres€1,000,000
Trim RoadNavan16.31 acres€400,000
KnockumberNavan6.01 acres€450,000
AbbeylandsNavan0.14 acres€55,000
SlaneSlane5.66 acresCALL
Investment Property
John Street & Bridge StreetArdee-CALL
Staholmog Stores, Staholmog, Ardee RoadKells24,649 sq. ft€700,000
Cannon Court, Cannon RowNavan-CALL