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I live in Ireland, Dublin from about ten years.I`m from Poland. I was always renting the properties here. First I live alone, then with my partner. Now I have two children (5y and 9 months) and we rented the house from good landlord for over 6 years. Unfortunately the landlord needs to sell the house and our life immedietly changed...I found very difficult to find any property to rent which suits me and my family (we need 2 bedrooms) and that I could be able to lift the cost of renting in Dublin. We could live even in one bedroom with quite spacey living room to cut th cost but who will let me??
I was looking for the house even somewhere in the countryside (30-40km from Dublin) but it`s still expensive.
I don`t mind to live far from Dublin but we need to get to work. It`s said but the rents get so high that I`m not able to live here anymore and I also don`t really have a place to come back...
The letting agents don`t even want to deal with people with children when parents needs to work part time to mind their children cause they have no other family to help and not able to pay for the creche or after school...
I`m not expecting that someone will let me to live for free. I know there`s something like house sitting but it`s usually working for short period only...but maybe someone is going to work abroad for a year or about and would like to somebody to looking after the house properly...We are quiet and really clean family...Maybe there`s someone who would like to renew, refurbished the property and safe the money and let us to live there for low cost rent. I mean we could do even bigger jobs there inside, outside or gardening. We have all of the equipment.We could also work on the farm (payable work if far from Dublin as we will need to live our current work)) and live there in the cottage etc.
I could provide very good references from my last landlord and references from work also.
We could sign the right agreement to be secure.
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