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end of tenancy cleanliness

By chince85 at 19:30, Thu February 8 2018, in Renting Questions - 3 responses


I am not from Ireland though interestingly my sister lives here and I may relocate in the future from the UK.
My question relates to end of tenancy cleanliness etc
I\'m a tenant who\'s just recently moved home from my bedsit owned by a charity and now have a housing association flat in the same town.
My old landlord, well an employee whose office is only up the road from the old flat has been on my case today by text about me not coming back and cleaning the bedsit before moving.
I have met up with him since while giving back the keys to their office ands he was on about getting me to come back and clean so its acceptable to a future renter.
I told him I had left before I had a chance to as I had moved before the next months rent was due as I owe money to new landlord so technically had two tenancies overlapping and I\'m paying 50 per month extra to cover 250 owed to new place.
Today he text me and threatened to send pictures of the flat I left as it was to other landlords or housing associations a blacklist if you will for the future.
I did not get angry and reply but blocked his mobile from contacting me.
I will say that it was not perfect and I intended to clean better then it was but can he do as he\'s threatening and have photos of the flat and obviously my name on some website or could I sue fir defamation as he would have no proof really that it was me if he takes pictures after I have left.
I have considered offering him 50 for 5 hours at 10 per hour as that seems to be a going rate around the area for house cleaners
Any advice?
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