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First time buyer looking for advice

By Lia at 20:24, Thu February 8 2018, in Buying or selling - 2 responses

Hello there,

I\'m new to the world of real estate investing. Hoping to find a good deal and make my first investment in 2018. I\'m currently located in the states but planning to move to Ireland in the next few months. Looking for some advice and/or connections. Are there any beginner\'s guides?

Specifically, looking to buy 2-3 bedroom residential for up to 75k and not taking out a mortgage.

What is the best offical/reliable source of real estate data in Ireland (things such as average rental prices, property prices for specific localities) ?

Is daft.ie the best resource for finding good deals/new listings?

What other online real estate communities would you recommend for Ireland?

Are there tax/ROI advantages to house hacking (as opposed to traditional buying) in Ireland?

How should I go about finding a realtor?

Cheers and thanks a lot in advance!
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First time buyer looking for advice
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