Notice to leave to landlady

By BO85 at 10:39, Sun March 11 2018, in Renting Questions - 1 response


I have just moved into a new house this week that I seriously regret accepting after having a closer inspection around. Already, I have decided to give notice to leave after only a few days. I was just wondering would it be best until I\\\'m offered somewhere else to give my notice, as I am already searching for alternatives. Or, should I go ahead and give it now because although there is the possibility I might not find somewhere suitable within a month, there is also the possibility I will, and a new landlord may want to have someone immediately, while I must still give a month\\\'s notice and lose my opportunity to be offered to someone who is more readily available. It is really hard to figure out what\\\'s best to do in this situation.
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Notice to leave to landlady
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