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Connemara Lettings is a one stop shop' for all your rental needs. Whether you are a landlord looking to rent out your property or a tenant looking for a long term or holiday home, we can provide a tailor made package to suit you. Why not let us take all the hassle out of renting a property.

Connemara Lettings have a varied and wide range of properties from the very affordable to VIP luxury, all which can be viewed in detail on our user friendly website and Yvonne is always on hand to assist with any queries you may have

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient letting agent in possibly the most picturesque place on earth, Connemara Lettings have the experience, knowledge and personal touch to fulfil your rental needs.


Negotiator Name Phone
Yvonne Flaherty095 22669

Latest Holiday Homes on the market:

Ocean View Apartment BallynewClegganApt€295 per week
5 Courthouse SquareClifdenHoliday home€300 per week
Sea Studio, RenvyleRenvyleHoliday home€130 per week
4 Coastguard Station, AillebrackBallyconneelyHoliday home€825 per week
93 Clifden GlenClifdenHoliday home€350 per week
Seals CottageClifdenHoliday home€425 per week
No 2 Clifden Court, Bridge StreetClifdenHoliday home€400 per week
Clifden ApartmentClifdenHoliday home€570 per week
Connemara SandsBallyconneelyApt€476 per week
Fushia CottageCladdaghduffHoliday home€350 per week
Station HouseClifdenHoliday home€560 per week
Helens HideawayClifdenHoliday home€700 per week
9 Courthouse Square, Clifden Co GalwayClifdenHoliday home€425 per week
No 7 Clifden CourtClifdenHoliday home€240 per week
Spiddal, Galway BaySpiddalHoliday home€250 per week
Spiddal CottageSpiddalHoliday home€250 per week
Clare-Luc, BenaunBallyconneelyHoliday home€450 per week
14 Clifden GlenClifdenHouse€372 per week
2 Harbour HeightsClifdenHoliday home€750 per week
Carole's Cottage, GoulaneClifdenHoliday home€350 per week
No.18 Station House ApartmentClifdenApt€450 per week
Sioscadh na Mara, Baile na tSleibheSpiddalHoliday home€650 per week
Errisbeg House, DoonloughanBallyconneelyHoliday home€350 per week
No. 9 LeitirshaskBallyconneelyHoliday home€600 per week
No.8 LeitirshaskBallyconneelyHoliday home€600 per week
No. 6 LeitirshaskBallyconneelyHoliday home€600 per week
ArdbearClifdenHoliday home€845 per week
Ti Tom Ban, CamusLettermoreHoliday home€350 per week
Low RoadClifdenHoliday home€500 per week
BenshaskBallyconneelyHoliday home€523 per week
Lough FeeRenvyleHoliday home€412 per week
The uplandsSpiddalHoliday home€420 per week
E2 Station HouseClifdenApt€450 per week
19 Harbour ViewClifdenApt€550 per week
Polrevagh, DunLoughinBallyconneelyHouse€626 per week
Clifden Station View, ClifdenClifdenHoliday home€450 per week
Turbot Cottage, ClifdenClifdenHoliday home€350 per week
Clifden Town CentreClifdenHoliday home€380 per week
Station HouseClifdenHoliday home€800 per week
Barrastaile, RenvyleRenvyleHoliday home€350 per week
Atlantic View Lodge ClifdenClifdenHoliday home€900 per week
123 Clifden GlenClifdenHoliday home€480 per week
Coral Strand LodgeBallyconneelyHoliday home€650 per week
Gannonâs Apartment 1, ClifdenClifdenHoliday home€400 per week
Colemans Cottage, CashelCashelHoliday home€300 per week
Derryinver House, ClifdenClifdenHoliday home€850 per week
ClifdenClifdenHoliday home€600 per week
White Thorn House, ClifdenClifdenHoliday home€949 per week
Coast Guard Station, AillebrackBallyconneelyHoliday home€350 per week
ManninBallyconneelyHoliday home€915 per week
Mara HouseRoundstoneHoliday home€1,085 per week
The Boat Builders CottageCarnaHoliday home€495 per week
Lake Road CottageBallyconneelyHoliday home€390 per week
Foregloss CottageBallyconneelyHoliday home€440 per week
Seamount RoundstoneRoundstoneHoliday home€625 per week
The Cottage Ballholla, NealeCongHoliday home€500 per week
Cashel Bay CottageCashelHoliday home€523 per week
Katie's Place, TullymoreRenvyleHoliday home€800 per week
Teach Aingeal, Dawros, LetterfrackLetterfrackHoliday home€370 per week
Crocnaraw CottageMoyardHoliday home€650 per week
Wild Atlantic LodgeBallyconneelyHoliday home€550 per week
Old School House, ClifdenClifdenHoliday home€999 per week
GarraunbaunMoyardHoliday home€1,883 per week
BundouglasMoyardHoliday home€452 per week
The Art HouseClifdenHoliday home€480 per week
Glenbrickeen HouseClifdenHoliday home€684 per week
Beach House, ManninClifdenHoliday home€627 per week
Molly's CottageFurboHoliday home€380 per week
Honeysuckle LodgeClifdenHoliday home€600 per week
Sea Side LodgeCladdaghduffHoliday home€590 per week
Dolan CottageRoundstoneHoliday home€380 per week
Lake View HouseRecessHouse€499 per week
17 Canons LaneClifdenHouse€470 per week
Hill House, Church HillClifdenHouse€476 per week
Bay View, EmloughClegganHoliday home€1,400 per week
King's HouseClegganHoliday home€700 per week
Dooneen, ClifdenClifdenHoliday home€1,400 per week
Ceannabhan CottageClifdenHoliday home€760 per week
Murlach Cottage â BallyconneelyBallyconneelyHoliday home€450 per week
Fort Lodge, Ennis Co ClareEnnisHoliday home€599 per week
Dolan, RoundstoneBallyconneelyHoliday home€500 per week
Graces Cottage, MoyardMoyardHoliday home€500 per week
Recess, ConnemaraRecessHoliday home€800 per week
Realt Na Maidne (Morning Star)CladdaghduffHoliday home€590 per week
The Top House, ErrisbegRoundstoneHoliday home€1,000 per week
Annilaun LodgeCashelHoliday home€2,800 per week
Pooreen HouseInverinHoliday home€500 per week
Harbour ViewClifdenApt€628 per week
14 LettershaskBallyconneelyHoliday home€397 per week
Jackie's Cottage, CladdaghduffCladdaghduffHouse€699 per week
Roisin's House, ArdbearClifdenHoliday home€845 per week
Seals CoveClifdenHoliday home€650 per week
Capolla House, ClifdenClifdenHoliday home€700 per week
Cleggan Beach HouseCladdaghduffHoliday home€660 per week
Low Road, ClifdenClifdenHoliday home€250 per week
Lough Mask RoadCongHoliday home€600 per week
Teach BridBallyconneelyHoliday home€450 per week
Ballinakill Lodge, MoyardMoyardHoliday home€500 per week
Guinness HouseBallyconneelyHoliday home€1,595 per week
Ti Liam, RossMoyardHoliday home€800 per week
Beach HouseClegganHoliday home€660 per week
Doleen HouseBallyconneelyHoliday home€3,165 per week
Murlach Lodge, BallyconneelyBallyconneelyHoliday home€950 per week
Sunnybank House, ChurchillClifdenHoliday home€6,000 per week