Mortgages Explained

Finding the right type of mortgage is a very individual process and we're here to help. There are a number of simple steps involved in the mortgage application process that we can help guide you through.

5 Simple Steps - Mortgage Application

Step 1: Talk to a mortgage advisor
A mortgage advisor can give you advice on the best mortgage and associated insurance products to suit your needs. They will also provide you with all the information you need regarding the costs of your mortgage and any special terms.

Step 2: Apply
Apply for your mortgage and any associated optional insurance products you require. Most banks require you to apply directly in the branch but you can also apply online with some.

Step 3: Approval
Your mortgage application will be assessed and if approved an offer will be made. To help speed up the process, it is important that the correct documentation is received.

Step 4: Mortgage Offer
You will then receive your mortgage offer which gives full details of the offer of the loan and any terms / special conditions that apply. At this point you will also be advised if a professional valuation of the property is required.

Step 5: Funds Released

Once you have signed the mortgage offer a copy is sent to your solicitor who will advise you on the legal aspects of your mortgage. Your solicitor will also advise your lender of the date that the funds are required.