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Daft Media is one of Ireland's largest online media groups. Our network has grown to six websites and now includes,,, and community sites and

In March 2010, an ABCe audit for Daft Media showed that our websites delivered more than 165 million valid page impressions and attracted 3,654,762 unique visitors. This is the highest number of monthly page impressions delivered by any certified Irish website or group of websites.

Why Advertise on

We're Ireland's biggest property website and we offer unrivalled reach to help our advertisers get their products and services in front of Ireland's widest possible audience.

Accepted Ad Types

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Targeted Marketing is Ireland's biggest property website! We have the largest selection of property for sale and to let in Ireland with more than 70,000 properties listed at any one time. The site covers all demographics from first-time buyers to commercial property investors. Daft's sophisticated and targeted ad system enables us to offer a diverse range of marketing campaigns. To help you reach your ideal audience, we offer plenty of options so that you can not only target consumers in specific geographies, of of a certain age, but you can also target different types of visitors, according to the sections of the Daft site they visit.

For example, we can target "only males between 18 and 25 who live in Dublin" or "all females looking to buy a new house".

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Advertising sections

Consumer Profile

Consumer profile

Traffic Stats

Daft Media Group
3,654,762 unique visitors per month 165,626,429 page impressions per month

Daft Media sites include,,,, and

Daft Property Websites
1,734,860 unique visitors per month 129,980,100 page impressions per month

Daft property sites include,, and

Daft uses ABC for traffic measurement and stats.

Advertising Rates

Ad campaigns are charged per 1,000 page impressions (CPM) and prices start from €4 per 1,000 ads delivered. For full details, download our Rate Card. We offer discounts on bulk and on long-term sponsorship; please contact us for the latest offers. Reports are delivered to the client at the end of the campaign containing comprehensive stats on campaign performance.

Contact Details

To find out about how you can target this broad and affluent audience, you can contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Phone: +353 1 421 8700