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Sherry FitzGerald Ltd (New Homes)


Negotiator Name Phone
Carol Anne Galvin01 667 1888
Colm Byrne01 667 1888
David Rhatigan01 667 1888
Fiona Mulvey01 667 1888
Ger Ruane01 667 1888
Greg Coffey01 667 1888
Jackie Horan01 667 1888
Nick Moore01 667 1888
Noel Duffy01 667 1888
Patrick Cormican091 569123
Paul Hannon01 667 1888
Paul O'Shea021 4273041
Rachael O'Leary021 4273041
Ronan O'Driscoll01 667 1888
Sherry Fitz New Homes01 667 1888
Yvonne Ennis01 667 1888

Latest Sales on the market:

1 Bed Apartments, Hamilton ParkCastleknockAptCALL
Ardilaun Court 1 Bed Apartments, Sybil Hill RoadRahenyApt€375,000
Feldberg 1 Bed Apartments, Upper Glenageary RoadGlenagearyAptCALL
1 Bed Apartments, Marina VillageGreystonesApt€425,000
1 Bedroom Apartments, Marine Walk, Marine RoadDun LaoghaireAptCALL
1 Bedroom Apartment, Herbert Hill, Sandyford RoadDundrumAptCALL
2 Bed Apartment, Auburn Green, Rochestown AvenueGlenagearyApt€435,000
2 Bedroom Homes, Ledwill ParkKilcockHouse€275,000
2 Bed Apartments, Hamilton ParkCastleknockAptCALL
Feldberg 2 Bed Apartments, Upper Glenageary RoadGlenagearyAptCALL
2 Bedroom Terraced Home, Broadmeadow ValeRatoathHouseCALL
2 Bedroom Apartments, Wilkin's Court, Limekiln LanWalkinstownApt€400,000
Ardilaun Court 2 Bed Apartments, Sybil Hill RoadRahenyApt€440,000
2 Bed Apartment, Marina VillageGreystonesApt€535,000
2 Bedroom Apartments, Marine Walk, Marine RoadDun LaoghaireAptCALL
Two Bed Plus Study Det - The Violet, Brighton WoodFoxrockHouse€825,000
Bloomfield House & 12 Apartments, Bloomfield AvenuDonnybrookAptCALL
2 Bed Semi Detached Bungalow, Stoneleigh, CraddockNaasBungalow€315,000
2 Bedroom Apartment, Herbert Hill, Sandyford RoadDundrumAptCALL
Three Bed Semi Detached Homes, Meadowbank, MillersSwordsHouseCALL
3 Bedroom Homes, White Pines, Stocking AvenueRathfarnhamHouse€425,000
Beautiful New 3 Bed Homes, Citywest VillageCitywestHouse€330,000
3 Bedroom End Of Terrace, BelltreeClongriffinHouseCALL
3 Bed House, Hamilton ParkCastleknockHouse€485,000
Three & Four Bed Terraced Homes, Brighton WoodFoxrockHouse€765,000
3 Bedroom Homes, Ledwill ParkKilcockHouse€325,000
3 Bedroom Detached Bungalows, Ballinahinch WoodAshfordBungalowCALL
3 Bedroom Semi Detached Houses, Ballinahinch WoodAshfordHouseCALL
3 Bedroom Semi-Detached, Dun RiogaDunshaughlinHouse€300,000
3 Bedroom Apartments, Hamilton ParkCastleknockAptCALL
The Nurseries, 3 Bed Terraced, Taney RoadDundrumHouseCALL
Three Bedroom Family Homes, CastlechurchNewcastleHouse€340,000
3 Bedroom Homes, Ardsolus, BrownsbarnKingswoodHouse€340,000
3 Bedroom Homes, The View At GlenheronGreystonesHouse€440,000
Ardilaun Court Houses, Sybil Hill RoadRahenyHouse€665,000
Three Bed Homes, Belarmine WoodsStepasideHouse€485,000
3 Bedroom Detached, Dun RiogaDunshaughlinHouse€340,000
3 Bedroom Homes Semi-Detached, BelltreeClongriffinHouseCALL
3 Bedroom Mid-Terrace, BelltreeClongriffinHouse€390,000
3 Bedroom Semi-D, The Park At HansfieldClonsillaHouse€380,000
Feldberg Houses, Upper Glenageary RoadGlenagearyHouseCALL
Feldberg 3 Bed Apartments, Upper Glenageary RoadGlenagearyAptCALL
3 Bedroom Homes, Wilkin's Court, Limekiln LaneWalkinstownHouse€480,000
Three Bed End Of Terrace Homes, Meadowbank, MillerSwordsHouseCALL
3 Bedroom Apartments, Marine Walk, Marine RoadDun LaoghaireAptCALL
3 Bedroom Semi-Detached, Broadmeadow ValeRatoathHouse€340,000
3 Bed Homes The Weir, Westfield, Green Lane, EastoLeixlipHouse€410,000
Three Bedroom Homes - The Moss, Brighton WoodFoxrockHouse€715,000
Three Bedroom Home, The Links, Ballygossan Park, GSkerriesHouseCALL
3 Bedroom Homes, Broadmeadow ValeRatoathHouse€300,000
3 Bedroom Semi Detached, Waverly, BlacklionGreystonesHouseCALL
Three Bedroom Homes, Wicklow HillsNewtownmountkennedyHouseCALL
3 Bedroom Homes, Ternlee, Cooldross LaneKilcooleHouseCALL
3 Bedroom Semi Detached Homes, Stoneleigh, CraddocNaasHouse€340,000
Three Bed Terrace Homes, Meadowbank, Millers GlenSwordsHouseCALL
3 Bedroom Apartment, Herbert Hill, Sandyford RoadDundrumAptCALL
Three Bed Townhouse Showhouse, Camden, Royal CanalAshtownHouse€465,000
3 Bed Duplex, Stillorgan Gate, Upper Kilmacud RoadStillorganDuplex€575,000
4 Bed Detached - Sycamore, Stepaside ParkStepasideHouse€645,000
4 Bedroom Homes, White Pines, Stocking AvenueRathfarnhamHouse€490,000
4 Bedroom Semi-Detached, Dun RiogaDunshaughlinHouse€355,000
The Kingfisher, Rokeby ParkLucanHouse€795,000
4 Bedroom Homes, Ledwill ParkKilcockHouse€400,000
4 Bedroom Detached Houses, Ballinahinch WoodAshfordHouseCALL
4 Bedroom Semi Detached Houses, Ballinahinch WoodAshfordHouseCALL
The Yeats - 4 Bedroom Detached, Hamilton ParkCastleknockHouse€685,000
The Lavery- 4 Bedroom Semi-Detached, Hamilton ParkCastleknockHouse€575,000
4 Bedroom Houses, Sea, Green, BlacklionGreystonesHouseCALL
Four Bedroom Family Homes, CastlechurchNewcastleHouseCALL
The Valentine - 4 Bedroom Homes, =Sea, Green=, BlaGreystonesHouseCALL
Four Bedroom Homes, The Grove, Goatstown RoadGoatstownHouseCALL
The Nurseries, 4 Bed Semi & Detached Homes, TaneyDundrumHouseCALL
Albany, Albany, Killiney Hill RoadKillineyHouseCALL
4 Bedroom Semi-Detached, Albany Lodge, Killiney HiKillineyHouse€895,000
4 Bedroom Houses, Proby Place, Proby Square, CarysBlackrockHouse€1,100,000
4 Bed Terraced, Auburn Green, Rochestown AvenueGlenagearyHouse€715,000
4 Bedroom Homes, The View At GlenheronGreystonesBungalow€499,950
Four Bedroom Homes, Belarmine WoodsStepasideHouse€630,000
Stunning 4 Bed Homes, Citywest VillageCitywestHouseCALL
4 Bedroom Homes, Ardsolus, BrownsbarnKingswoodHouse€390,000
4 Bedroom Homes, Wilkin's Court, Limekiln LaneWalkinstownHouse€555,000
4 Bedroom Homes, Broadmeadow ValeRatoathHouse€365,000
Four Bedroom Homes - Birch & Hazel, Brighton WoodFoxrockHouse€850,000
4 Bed House, Hamilton ParkCastleknockHouse€520,000
4 Bed Homes Castletown, Westfield, Green Lane, EasLeixlipHouse€445,000
4/5 Bed Semi Detached -The Tuskar, Marina VillageGreystonesHouse€1,000,000
4 Bed Detached Family Home, 7 Wilkin's View, LimekWalkinstownHouse€635,000
4 Bed Homes, Stillorgan Gate, Upper Kilmacud RoadStillorganHouse€840,000
Four Bedroom Home, The Links, Ballygossan Park, GoSkerriesHouseCALL
4 Bed Semi Detached & Detached, Waverly, BlacklionGreystonesHouseCALL
The Sandpiper, Rokeby ParkLucanBungalow€760,000
4 Bedroom House, 1-5 Royal Terrace North, Tivoli RDun LaoghaireHouseCALL
Four Bedroom Homes, Wicklow HillsNewtownmountkennedyHouseCALL
4 Bedroom Homes, Ternlee, Cooldross LaneKilcooleHouseCALL
4 Bedroom Detached Homes, Stoneleigh, CraddockstowNaasHouse€460,000
Four Bed Semi-Detached Homes, Meadowbank, MillersSwordsHouseCALL
Four Bedroom Detached, Millers GlenSwordsHouseCALL
Four Bed Townhouse, Camden, Royal Canal ParkAshtownHouse€455,000
5 Bed Semi-Detached Homes, 8 Castleknock Cross, BeCastleknockHouse€835,000
5 Bed Detached Home, 20 Castleknock Cross, BeechpaCastleknockHouse€1,095,000
5 Bed Detached - Beech, 165 Stepaside ParkStepasideHouse€940,000
5 Bedroom Detached, Albany Lodge, Killiney Hill RoKillineyHouseCALL
5 Bedroom Houses, Proby Place, Proby Square, CarysBlackrockHouse€1,375,000
Five Bed Detached Homes, Belarmine WoodsStepasideHouse€650,000
Five Bedroom Semi Detached, Belarmine WoodsStepasideHouse€620,000
5 Bed Detached, Auburn Green, Rochestown AvenueGlenagearyHouse€995,000
5 Bedroom Detached, Broadmeadow ValeRatoathHouse€470,000
4/5 Bed Homes The Easton, Westfield, Green Lane, ELeixlipHouse€495,000
5 Bed Detached - Elm, Stepaside ParkStepasideHouse€885,000
Five Bed Detached - Beech, Stepaside ParkStepasideHouse€850,000
Five Bed Detached - The Willow, Brighton WoodFoxrockHouse€1,250,000
Five Bed Detached - The Elder, Brighton WoodFoxrockHouse€1,500,000
Five Bed Semi Detached - The Fern, Brighton WoodFoxrockHouse€1,000,000
5 Bedroom Detached Homes, Waverly, BlacklionGreystonesHouseCALL
The Teal, Rokeby ParkLucanHouse€750,000

Latest New Homes on the market:

New Homes
Ballinahinch WoodAshfordCALL
Royal Canal ParkAshtown€455,000 - €465,000
Proby PlaceBlackrock€1,100,000 - €1,375,000
Castleknock CrossCastleknock€835,000 - €1,095,000
Hamilton ParkCastleknock€485,000 - €685,000
Citywest VillageCitywest€330,000 - €330,000
ArdsolusCitywest€340,000 - €390,000
BelltreeClongriffin€390,000 - €390,000
The Park At HansfieldClonsilla€380,000 - €380,000
Bloomfield House & 12 ApartmentsDonnybrookCALL
Luxury Period Style HomesDun LaoghaireCALL
Marine WalkDun LaoghaireCALL
Herbert HillDundrumCALL
The NurseriesDundrumCALL
Dun RiogaDunshaughlin€300,000 - €355,000
Brighton WoodFoxrock€715,000 - €1,500,000
Auburn GreenGlenageary€435,000 - €995,000
The GroveGoatstownCALL
Marina VillageGreystones€1,000,000 - €1,000,000
Seagreen GateGreystonesCALL
Marina Village ApartmentsGreystones€425,000 - €535,000
The View At GlenheronGreystones€440,000 - €499,950
Ledwill ParkKilcock€275,000 - €400,000
AlbanyKilliney€895,000 - €895,000
WestfieldLeixlip€410,000 - €495,000
Rokeby ParkLucan€750,000 - €795,000
StoneleighNaas€315,000 - €460,000
CastlechurchNewcastle€340,000 - €340,000
Wicklow HillsNewtownmountkennedyCALL
Ardilaun CourtRaheny€375,000 - €665,000
White PinesRathfarnham€425,000 - €490,000
Broadmeadow ValeRatoath€300,000 - €470,000
The LinksSkerriesCALL
Belarmine WoodsStepaside€485,000 - €650,000
Stepaside ParkStepaside€645,000 - €940,000
Stillorgan GateStillorgan€575,000 - €840,000
Wilkin's ViewWalkinstown€635,000 - €635,000
Wilkin's CourtWalkinstown€400,000 - €555,000