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Latest Sales on the market:

1 Bed Apartments, Hamilton ParkCastleknockApt€270,000
1 Bed Apartments, Marina VillageGreystonesAptCALL
1 Bedroom Apartments, Adelphi Manor, Georges StreeDun LaoghaireApt€310,000
1 Bedroom Apartment, Herbert Hill, Sandyford RoadDundrumAptCALL
The Boyne, Cois Glaisin, JohnstownNavanHouse€225,000
2 Bed Apartments, Hamilton ParkCastleknockApt€330,000
2 Bed Apartments, Marina VillageGreystonesAptCALL
Bloomfield House & 12 Apartments, Bloomfield AvenuDonnybrookApt€1,000,000
2 Bed Apartment, Neptune House, Temple CrescentBlackrockApt€1,400,000
2 Bed Detached, Neptune House, Temple CrescentBlackrockHouse€900,000
Two Bedroom Homes, Wicklow HillsNewtownmountkennedyHouseCALL
2 Bedroom Apartments, Wilkin's Court, Limekiln LanWalkinstownApt€370,000
2 Bedroom Homes, Stoneleigh, CraddockstownNaasBungalow€315,000
2 Bedroom Apartments, Adelphi Manor, Georges StreeDun LaoghaireApt€375,000
Penthouse Apartments, Adelphi Manor, Georges StreeDun LaoghaireApt€900,000
2 Bedroom Apartment, Herbert Hill, Sandyford RoadDundrumAptCALL
2 Bed Apartments, Stillorgan Gate, UpperKilmacudAptCALL
Three Bedroom Home, The Links, Ballygossan Park, GSkerriesHouseCALL
Three Bed Homes, Belarmine WoodsStepasideHouseCALL
3 Bedroom Semi-Detached, Broadmeadow ValeRatoathHouseCALL
3 Bedroom Terraced, Broadmeadow ValeRatoathHouseCALL
The Tolka, Cois Glaisin, JohnstownNavanHouse€270,000
3 Bed House, Hamilton ParkCastleknockHouse€465,000
3 Bed Apartments, Marina VillageGreystonesAptCALL
3 Bedroom Semi Detached, Waverly, BlacklionGreystonesHouseCALL
3 Bedroom Homes, White Pines, Stocking AvenueRathfarnhamHouse€415,000
3 Bedroom Semi-D, The Park At HansfieldClonsillaHouse€340,000
Three Bedroom Homes, Wicklow HillsNewtownmountkennedyHouseCALL
3 Bedroom Homes, TernleeKilcooleHouse€315,000
3 Bed Terraced Homes, Stoneleigh, CraddockstownNaasHouseCALL
Three Bedroom House, Tivoli Place, Tivoli RoadDun LaoghaireHouse€1,150,000
Beautiful New 3 Bed Homes, Citywest VillageCitywestHouseCALL
Three Bedroom Family Homes, CastlechurchNewcastleHouseCALL
3 Bedroom Homes, BelltreeClongriffinHouse€400,000
3 Bedroom Homes, Wilkin's Court, Limekiln LaneWalkinstownDuplex€435,000
The Blackwater, Cois Glaisin, JohnstownNavanHouseCALL
3 Bedroom Semi Detached Homes, Stoneleigh, CraddocNaasHouse€340,000
Three Bed Semi Detached Homes, Millers GlenSwordsHouseCALL
Three Bedroom Duplex, The Grove, Goatstown RoadGoatstownDuplex€650,000
3 Bedroom Semi-Detached, HansfieldClonsillaHouseCALL
Three Bed Terrace Homes, Millers GlenSwordsHouse€330,000
Three Bed End Of Terrace Homes, Millers GlenSwordsHouse€340,000
3 Bedroom Apartment, Herbert Hill, Sandyford RoadDundrumAptCALL
Three Bed Townhouses, Royal Canal ParkAshtownHouseCALL
3 Bed Duplex, Stillorgan Gate, UpperKilmacudAptCALL
The Stoneyford, Cois Glaisin, JohnstownNavanHouseCALL
3 Bedroom Mid-Terrace, Hansfield Wood, HansfieldClonsillaHouseCALL
Three Bed Townhouses, Hazelbrook SquareChurchtownHouseCALL
Four Bedroom Homes, Belarmine WoodsStepasideHouseCALL
4 Bed Homes, Stillorgan Gate, UpperKilmacudHouseCALL
Four Bedroom Home, The Links, Ballygossan Park, GoSkerriesHouseCALL
4 Bedroom Semi Detached, Broadmeadow ValeRatoathHouseCALL
4 Bed House, Hamilton ParkCastleknockHouse€520,000
No.1 The Grove, Hazelbrook SquareChurchtownHouseCALL
4 Bedroom Homes, White Pines, Stocking AvenueRathfarnhamHouse€470,000
4 Bed Semi Detached & Detached, Waverly, BlacklionGreystonesHouseCALL
4 Bedroom Semi-Detached, The Park At HansfieldClonsillaHouseCALL
The Sandpiper, Rokeby ParkLucanBungalow€760,000
The Kingfisher, Rokeby ParkLucanHouse€785,000
7 Rokeby Park (SH), 7 Rokeby ParkLucanHouse€760,000
4 Bedroom House, 1-5 Royal Terrace North, Tivoli RDun LaoghaireHouse€1,795,000
Four Bedroom Homes, Wicklow HillsNewtownmountkennedyHouseCALL
4 Bedroom Homes, TernleeKilcooleHouseCALL
Four Bed Townhouses, Hazelbrook SquareChurchtownHouse€620,000
Stunning 4 Bed Homes, Citywest VillageCitywestHouseCALL
4 Bedroom Homes, Wilkin's Court, Limekiln LaneWalkinstownHouse€560,000
Four Bedroom Family Homes, CastlechurchNewcastleHouse€375,000
4 Bedroom Detached Homes, Stoneleigh, CraddockstowNaasHouse€460,000
The Rye, Cois Glaisin, JohnstownNavanHouse€305,000
Four Bed Semi-Detached Homes, Millers GlenSwordsHouseCALL
Four Bedroom Detached, Millers GlenSwordsHouseCALL
4 Bed Semi Detached, Neptune House, Temple CrescenBlackrockHouse€975,000
Four Bedroom Detached, Stepaside ParkStepasideHouse€795,000
4 Bedroom House, Hansfield Wood, HansfieldClonsillaHouseCALL
Four Bed Townhouses, Royal Canal ParkAshtownHouseCALL
4 Bedroom Mews, Garville DriveRathgarHouse€1,075,000
4 Bedroom Houses, Sea, Green, BlacklionGreystonesHouseCALL
4 Bed Detached House The Bellevue, Sea, Green, BlaGreystonesHouseCALL
4 Bed Homes, BelltreeClongriffinHouseCALL
4/5 Bed Family Homes, Marina VillageGreystonesHouseCALL
4 Bedroom Homes, Wilkin's View, Limekiln AvenueWalkinstownHouseCALL
Four Bed End Of Terrace, Hazelbrook SquareChurchtownHouseCALL
Four Bed Townhouses, The Grove, Goatstown RoadGoatstownHouse€825,000
Five Bedroom Homes, Belarmine WoodsStepasideHouseCALL
5 Bedroom Detached, Broadmeadow ValeRatoathHouseCALL
15 Norabrook, Howth RoadClontarfHouse€925,000
5 Bedroom Detached Homes, Waverly, BlacklionGreystonesHouseCALL
The Teal, Rokeby ParkLucanHouse€750,000
Five Bedroom Detached, Stepaside ParkStepasideHouse€850,000
5 Bed Semi-Detached Homes, Castleknock Cross, BeecCastleknockHouse€835,000
5 Bed Detached Home, Castleknock Cross, BeechparkCastleknockHouse€1,095,000
5 Bedroom Townhouse, Castleknock Cross, BeechparkCastleknockHouse€790,000

Latest New Homes on the market:

New Homes
Royal Canal ParkAshtownCALL
Neptune HouseBlackrock€900,000 - €1,400,000
Castleknock CrossCastleknock€790,000 - €1,095,000
Hamilton ParkCastleknock€270,000 - €520,000
Hazelbrook SquareChurchtown€620,000 - €620,000
Citywest VillageCitywestCALL
BelltreeClongriffin€400,000 - €400,000
The Park At HansfieldClonsilla€340,000 - €340,000
Hansfield WoodClonsillaCALL
NorabrookClontarf€925,000 - €1,025,000
Bloomfield House & 12 ApartmentsDonnybrook€1,000,000 - €1,000,000
Adelphi ManorDun Laoghaire€310,000 - €900,000
Tivoli PlaceDun Laoghaire€1,150,000 - €1,795,000
Herbert HillDundrumCALL
The GroveGoatstown€650,000 - €825,000
Marina Village GreystonesGreystonesCALL
TernleeKilcoole€315,000 - €315,000
Stillorgan GateKilmacudCALL
Rokeby ParkLucan€750,000 - €785,000
StoneleighNaas€315,000 - €460,000
Cois GlaisinNavan€225,000 - €305,000
CastlechurchNewcastle€375,000 - €375,000
Wicklow HillsNewtownmountkennedyCALL
White PinesRathfarnham€415,000 - €470,000
Garville DriveRathgar€1,075,000 - €1,075,000
Broadmeadow ValeRatoathCALL
The LinksSkerriesCALL
Stepaside ParkStepaside€795,000 - €850,000
Belarmine WoodsStepasideCALL
Millers GlenSwords€330,000 - €340,000
Wilkin's CourtWalkinstown€370,000 - €560,000
Wilkin's ViewWalkinstownCALL