Locations is a Dublin based family run Estate Agency. The company was established in 2003. Locations city centre offices are located in one of the busiest parts of Dublin. The footfall and passing vehicular traffic amounts to several thousand people passing by our shop window every day. This gives massive exposure to our clients properties.

We are fully licensed by the Property Services Regulatory Authority (Licence no. 001989)),to sell , let and manage property.

Locations are currently successfully selling houses and apartments throughout Dublin city and county. Locations services are currently being promoted on Newstalk radio and in the Irish Independent and Evening Herald. Locations are regularly featured in the media such as The Irish Times , RTE and International stations.

Locations also have one of Dublin's best and busiest rental departments. We average 4 days to let your property !

Locations have sold overseas property since 2004 and have assisted Irish and International clients with every aspect of securing the best properties.
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- Sales, Lettings and Property Management.

- Overseas Property , Holiday Homes and Investment.

Our agents are enthusiastic, professional licenced and informed.
We are committed to offering the highest levels of customer service to all our clients.
Locations professional approach achieves optimum results for our customers.

For a FREE VALUATION - no obligation , please contact us on 01-6771188 01-6771188 FREE


Negotiator Name Phone Alt. PhoneWhen to Call
Commercial01 6771188
Gavan Russell08683155559:00 - 20:00
LettingsAny time
Lettings Department01 6771188
Lisa ODonoghue085 80303219.00 - 20.00
Overseas Department00 353 1 6 77 118800 353 1 677 1188Anytime (outside office hours please leave a message)
Property Management01 - 6771188
Sales01 677 11 88Office Hours
Sales10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Sales Department01 677 11 88Office Hours
Short Term
Short Term0858506894016771188
Tenant Sharing01 - 6771188Anytime
Timea Henter08580303199:00 - 21:00
Ursula01 67711889.30 - 19.00

Latest Sales on the market:

24 Catherine's Close, Ash StreetDublin 8Apt€210,000
26 College Close, 37 -39 Tara StreetDublin 2Apt€295,000

Latest Commercial on the market:

29 Wellington QuayTemple Bar484 sq. ftCALL

Latest Overseas Sales on the market:

Fuengirola, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainCommercial€225,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainSite€80,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainSite€190,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainCommercial€58,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainSite€225,000
Mijas Golf, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainCommercial€95,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainSite€170,000
Mijas Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainSite€222,000
La Cala, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainSite€424,772
La Cala, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainSite€392,224
La Cala de Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainSite€383,160
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainSite€330,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainSite€135,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainSite€330,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainSite€120,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainSite€175,000
Fuengirola, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainCommercial€150,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€95,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€95,000
Mijas Golf, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€125,000
Sotavento, TenerifeTenerifeSpainApt€125,000
Mijas Golf, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€118,000
Fuengirola, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€117,000
Fuengirola, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€132,500
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€125,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€95,000
Mijas Golf, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€125,000
Re­o Real, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€280,000
Benalme¡dena, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€295,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€90,000
Las Terrazas de Sotavento, TenerifeCanary IslandsSpainAptCALL
BANK REPOSSESSION - KEY READY, Las Terrazas de la TorreRegion of MurciaSpainApt€51,700
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€90,000
Niebla, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainSite€19,500
Estepona, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€485,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€195,000
El Mundo, MurciaMurciaSpainHouse€74,900
Benalme¡dena Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€199,900
Islantilla, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainApt€119,000
Mijas Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€115,000
Alhaure­n el Grande, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€60,000
Playa Flamenca, Costa BlancaAndalusiaSpainApt€99,995
Villamartin, Costa BlancaAndalusiaSpainHouse€79,995
Villamartin, Costa BlancaAndalusiaSpainApt€69,995
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€199,000
Melvin apartments, Mar Menor Golf ResortRegion of MurciaSpainApt€136,000
Mosa Trajectum, MurciaRegion of MurciaSpainHouse€84,800
Roda, Los AlcazaresRegion of MurciaSpainApt€68,000
Calle Anchoa, La Torre Golf ResortRegion of MurciaSpainApt€74,900
Señorio de roda, Los AlcazaresRegion of MurciaSpainHouse€169,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€375,000
Benahave­s, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€295,000
Los Monteros, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€420,000
Villamartin, Costa Blanca SouthValenciaSpainHouse€137,500
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€120,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€290,000
Islantilla, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainApt€135,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€190,000
Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort, Hacienda del Alamo Golf ResortMurciaSpainHouse€90,900
Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort, Hacienda del Alamo Golf ResortMurciaSpainHouse€98,300
Benalme¡dena, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€215,000
La Manga Club Golf Resort, La Manga Golf ResortMurciaSpainApt€264,000
La Manga Club Golf Resort, La Manga Golf ResortMurciaSpainApt€214,500
Mar Menor Golf Resort, Mar Menor Golf ResortMurciaSpainApt€57,000
Mar Menor Golf Resort, Mar Menor Golf ResortMurciaSpainApt€72,000
Torremolinos, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€225,000
Desert Springs Golf Resort, AlmeriaAndalusiaSpainApt€129,000
Bollullos del Condado, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€45,000
Villaricos, La Sirena, AlmeriaAndalusiaSpainApt€74,500
Elviria, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€275,000
La Cala, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€189,000
New Sierra Golf, Balsicas, MurciaMurciaSpainHouse€75,000
New Sierra Golf, Balsicas, MurciaMurciaSpainHouse€79,995
Torre de la Horadada, AlicanteValenciaSpainApt€139,000
Pilar de la Horadada, Costa Blanca SouthValenciaSpainApt€139,900
Pilar de la Horadada, Costa Blanca SouthValenciaSpainApt€129,000
Orihuela, Costa Blanca SouthValenciaSpainApt€245,000
Orihuela, Costa Blanca SouthValenciaSpainApt€182,000
Finance Available, La Manga ClubRegion of MurciaSpainApt€214,500
-, Los AlcazaresRegion of MurciaSpainHouse€120,000
Costa Calida, Los AlcazaresRegion of MurciaSpainHouse€114,900
Olivar de Roda Golf, Los AlcazaresRegion of MurciaSpainHouse€185,000
Nuevo Portil, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainApt€97,000
Nuevo Portil, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€150,000
Bonares, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€129,950
Fuengirola, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€129,000
Alhaure­n Golf, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€317,400
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€85,000
Carvajal, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€135,000
Riviera del Sol, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€175,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€229,000
Torremuelle, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€165,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€156,000
Alhaure­n el Grande, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€199,000
Coe­n, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€182,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€139,950
Benalme¡dena Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€219,500
Mijas Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€149,950
Benalme¡dena Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€195,000
Estepona, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€299,000
Estepona, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€475,000
Fuengirola, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€190,000
Alhaure­n el Grande, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€225,000
Torrequebrada, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€99,000
Benalme¡dena, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€239,000
Alhaure­n el Grande, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€69,000
Estepona Playa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€330,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€176,000
Mijas Golf, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€175,000
Mijas Golf, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€162,500
Mijas Golf, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€147,500
Mijas Golf, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€182,500
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€125,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€279,000
Benalme¡dena Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€110,000
Benalmadena Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€119,000
Benalme¡dena Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€115,000
Mijas Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€250,000
Benahave­s, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€349,000
Buena Vista, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€450,000
Campo Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€160,000
Benahave­s, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€435,000
Marbella, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€915,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€182,000
Benalme¡dena, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€469,000
Benalme¡dena, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€495,000
Benalme¡dena Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€217,000
Benahave­s, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€580,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€925,000
Gibraleon, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€178,000
Cartaya, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€245,000
Beas, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€115,000
La Cala, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€800,000
Marbella, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€199,000
La Zenia, Costa Blanca South, Costa BlancaAndalusiaSpainHouse€165,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€260,000
Torre de la Horadada, Santiago de la RiberaRegion of MurciaSpainBungalow€169,900
Benahave­s, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€350,000
San Pedro del Pinatar, San PedroAndalusiaSpainApt€144,950
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€225,000
Paseo Maritimo - Fuengirola, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€675,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€575,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€720,000
-, San Pedro Del PinatarMurciaSpainHouse€255,000
-, San Pedro Del PinatarMurciaSpainHouse€229,000
Pilar de la Horadada, Costa Blanca SouthValenciaSpainHouse€190,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€215,000
Gauce­n, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€300,000
La Quinta Golf, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€595,000
Nueva Andaluce­a, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€849,000
Benahave­s, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€685,000
Benalme¡dena Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€235,000
Islantilla, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€169,000
Nuevo Portil, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€179,000
La Manga del Mar Menor, Costa CalidaMurciaSpainHouse€285,000
Valverde del Camino, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€130,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€199,000
Marbella, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€313,000
Entrerrios, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€325,000
Mosa Trajectum Golf Resort, MurciaMurciaSpainHouse€225,000
Mosa Trajectum Golf Resort, MurciaMurciaSpainHouse€188,000
Mosa Trajectum Golf Resort, MurciaMurciaSpainHouse€174,900
Mosa Trajectum Golf Resort, MurciaMurciaSpainHouse€203,000
Mosa Trajectum Golf Resort, MurciaMurciaSpainHouse€193,000
Mar Menor Golf Resort, Mar Menor Golf ResortMurciaSpainApt€66,000
Mar Menor Golf Resort, Mar Menor Golf ResortMurciaSpainApt€75,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€550,000
Benahave­s, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€525,000
Golf Miraflores, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€325,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€198,000
Desert Springs Golf Resort, AlmeriaAndalusiaSpainHouse€449,000
Playa Marques, AlmeriaAndalusiaSpainHouse€365,000
Desert Springs Golf Resort, AlmeriaAndalusiaSpainHouse€449,000
Bonares, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€40,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€195,000
Nuevo Portil, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€165,000
Baños y Mendigo, MurciaMurciaSpainHouse€174,900
Baños y Mendigo, MurciaMurciaSpainHouse€193,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€555,000
Torrevieja, AlicanteValenciaSpainApt€230,000
Torrevieja, Costa Blanca SouthValenciaSpainApt€197,000
Torrevieja and Guardamar del Segura., AlicanteValenciaSpainHouse€220,000
Orihuela, Costa Blanca SouthValenciaSpainApt€285,000
Orihuela, Costa Blanca SouthValenciaSpainHouse€159,900
Orihuela, Costa Blanca SouthValenciaSpainHouse€635,000
-, Los AlcazaresRegion of MurciaSpainHouse€239,000
-, Los AlcazaresRegion of MurciaSpainHouse€269,950
Bonares, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€110,000
Lucena del Puerto, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€149,950
Islantilla, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€180,000
Lucena del Puerto, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€225,000
Islantilla, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€145,000
El Rompido, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainApt€155,000
Gibraleon, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€159,000
Beas, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€85,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€690,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€890,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€325,000
Benalme¡dena, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€495,000
Mijas Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€385,000
Calahonda, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€350,000
Alhaure­n el Grande, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€550,000
Casarabonela, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€325,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€550,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainCommercial€800,000
Marbella, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€2,000,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€375,000
Alhaure­n el Grande, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€165,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€1,600,000
Alhaure­n el Grande, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€695,000
Benalme¡dena, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€1,300,000
Mijas Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€180,000
Mijas Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€295,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€169,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainSite€195,000
Marbella, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€220,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€595,000
Benahave­s, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€1,475,000
Estepona, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€995,000
Coe­n, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€340,000
Calahonda, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€345,000
Campo Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€495,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€745,000
New Golden Mile, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€850,000
Marbella, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€975,000
Benalme¡dena, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€447,200
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€550,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€695,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€350,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€340,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€565,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€690,000
Benalme¡dena, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€1,099,000
Benalme¡dena Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€999,000
Gibraleon, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€98,500
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€895,000
Nuevo Portil, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€379,000
Islantilla, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€125,000
Benalme¡dena, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€645,000
Cartaya, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€680,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€985,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€975,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€875,000
Benalme¡dena, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€675,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€460,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€145,000
Hinojos, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€198,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€998,000
Lucena del Puerto, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€279,000
Nuevo Portil, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€175,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€798,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€430,000
Vie±uela, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€349,000
Nuevo Portil, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€155,000
Lo Santiago, Gea y Truyols, MurciaMurciaSpainHouse€159,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€479,000
Orihuela, Costa Blanca SouthValenciaSpainHouse€580,000
Orihuela, Costa Blanca SouthValenciaSpainHouse€635,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€798,000
Estepona, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€595,000
Isla Cristina, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€340,000
Bonares, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€250,000
Bonares, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€265,000
El Rompido, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€750,000
Cartaya, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€250,000
Nuevo Portil, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€490,000
Villarrasa, Costa de la LuzAndalusiaSpainHouse€125,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€549,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€595,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€595,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€890,000
Coe­n, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€1,700,000
Benalme¡dena Pueblo, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€490,000
Marbella, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€2,100,000
Marbella, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€1,100,000
Mijas Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€295,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€1,500,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€1,795,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€550,000
Calahonda, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€999,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€1,190,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€630,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€1,285,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€2,250,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€725,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€649,000
Benahave­s, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€4,500,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€520,000
Mijas Costa, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€480,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€750,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€775,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€795,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€695,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€699,950
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€1,250,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€460,000
Alozaina, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€349,500
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€395,000
Estepona, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainApt€250,000
Estepona, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€1,495,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€685,000
Benalme¡dena, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€890,000
Mijas, Costa Del SolAndalusiaSpainHouse€790,000

Latest Parking on the market:

The Wheat Barn, Portland Street NorthDublin 1For rent€85