Editing the Map

To pinpoint the exact location of your property, follow these steps:

1. Login to your account and select Advertise My Property
2. After selecting your ad type and entering in your contact details you will come to the map.
3. From the drop down menus select the county, followed by the area your property is located in. The map will zoom according to your selections. Choose location of property
4. Type the address in the text box. Then click "Map my property" Enter address of property
5. A pinpoint should appear on the property's location. If the pinpoint is accurate, you can drag the blue pointer to the correct location.
Click and drag marker Marker placed in new position
6. If we couldn't find a location for your property, a prompt box will appear asking you to pinpoint your property. Simply click the correct location on the map and the blue pointer will appear. You can drag the pointer to another spot if necessary. Map popup reminder