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Patrick Moran087 6317189

Latest Sales on the market:

Two Prime Sites ,Ballynew, Turlough RoadCastlebarSiteCALL
Cloonkesh, TurloughCastlebarSiteCALL
Barley Hill, BoholaCastlebarSiteCALL
Ballynew, Turlough RoadCastlebarSite€65,000
Site for sale Bangor Erris VillageBangor ErrisSite€40,000
Rathbawn Road, Castlebar TownCastlebarSiteCALL
Cregganbell, Ballinrobe RoadCastlebarSiteCALL
Gort, RossCastlebarSite€40,000
Lagavaddoge, SnugboroCastlebarSite€90,000
Doogary, Kilkenny CrossCastlebarSiteCALL
Knockmore, Oughter, ManullaCastlebarSiteCALL
Apartments for sale Castle Street Car ParkCastlebarApt€90,000
Keelogues, New BallyvaryCastlebarHouse€69,950
No. 410 The Lodges, BreaffyCastlebarApt€100,000
Apartment No. 33 ParklandsWestportApt€139,500
Apartment No. 409 The Lodges , Breaffy , CastlebarCastlebarApt€100,000
No 7. ShruffaunCastlebarApt€59,500
Apartments for sale at Quinns Road, Westport RoadCastlebarAptCALL
" Abalon Sunset " StraideFoxfordHouseCALL
No. 49 Mc Hale RoadCastlebarHouse€69,000
Rehins, Newport RoadCastlebarHouse€80,000
No. 420 The Lodges, BreaffyCastlebarApt€80,000
No. 419 The Lodges , BreaffyCastlebarApt€80,000
Apartment No 416 The Lodges, BreaffyCastlebarAptCALL
Apartment No: 415 The Lodges, BreaffyCastlebarAptCALL
Spencer ManorCastlebarAptCALL
No. 7 Lower Charles StreetCastlebarHouse€50,000
No. 35 ParklandsWestportApt€150,000
No 10 Del La Salle Apts, Hopkins RdCastlebarAptCALL
No. 2 Harmony HeightsCastlebarAptCALL
Apt 32 Hawthorn Village, MilebushCastlebarAptCALL
No. 59 Lakeshore DriveCastlebarHouse€124,000
Valley Cross RoadsAchillHouse€87,500
Knockmore House, BallaCastlebarHouse€125,000
No 11. Harmony heightsCastlebarHouse€116,000
No. 17 Castlehill Park, Turlough RoadCastlebarHouse€135,000
No. 111 Chestnut GroveCastlebarHouseCALL
No. 32 FortlandsCastlebarHouseCALL
No. 51 Lakeview, Rathbawn RoadCastlebarHouse€150,000
No. 36A GarryduffCastlebarHouse€145,000
Bohola Village, BoholaCastlebarHouse€135,000
No 3 Dugort Beach HomesAchillHouse€135,000
No. 22 Meadow ParkCastlebarHouseCALL
No. 91 Manor Village, Westport RoadCastlebarHouse€128,500
No.4 Dugort Achill Island ,Co MayoAchillHouseCALL
Kilfea, IslandeadyCastlebarHouse€350,000
No. 5 McHale RoadCastlebarHouse€70,000
No. 16 Castlehill ParkCastlebarHouse€129,500
No. 2 Dugort Beach, DugortAchillHouse€159,500
Keelogues OldCastlebarHouse€139,500
Keelogues OldCastlebarHouse€210,000
Luddenhill House ,Station RoadCastlebarHouseCALL
No. 7b Garryduff DriveCastlebarHouse€125,000
Newport RoadCastlebarHouse€125,000
Rockfield, TurloughCastlebarHouse€264,950
Garryhill ,RossCastlebarHouse€130,000
No. 59 Rowan DriveCastlebarHouseCALL
No. 23 Rowan DriveCastlebarHouse€65,000
Carrowntubber, ManullaCastlebarHouseCALL
Blackberry Cottage, Cottage Road ,BreaffyCastlebarHouse€130,000
No. 51 Riverdale CourtCastlebarHouseCALL
No. 25 Manor Village, Westport RoadCastlebarHouse€150,000
No. 46 Rathbawn DriveCastlebarBungalow€239,500
Cauranne Lower ParkeCastlebarHouse€80,000
No. 2 Annagh VillageLahardaunHouse€120,000
No. 7 St Patricks AvenueCastlebarHouseCALL
No.2 Pound RoadCastlebarBungalow€150,000
Cloughboley, ManullaCastlebarHouse€117,000
38 Whitehorse Lane, Turlough RoadCastlebarHouse€159,500
Carraig Dubh ,GlenislandCastlebarHouse€175,000
No. 1 Slievemore, CumLahardaunHouseCALL
No. 19 Chestnut GroveCastlebarHouse€108,000
No. 11 Lakeshore DriveCastlebarHouse€160,000
Curry, BelcarraCastlebarHouse€179,000
Mountgorden ,Westport RoadCastlebarHouseCALL
No. 7 0aksview, Turlough RoadCastlebarHouse€155,000
Carrowbrinogue, SnugboroCastlebarHouse€339,000
Rush StreetCastlebarHouseCALL
No.1 Hazelgrove , Spencer StreetCastlebarHouseCALL
Dooleague RoadWestportHouseCALL
No. 68 SummerfieldCastlebarHouse€142,250
No. 36 Manor Village, Westport RoadCastlebarHouseCALL
Derrycoosh, Newport RoadCastlebarHouse€240,000
Cornanool, Newport RoadCastlebarHouseCALL
Gortnaheltia, TirawleyNewportHouse€265,000
No 46 Summerfield, CastlebarCastlebarHouse€150,000
No. 19 FoxfieldCastlebarHouseCALL
No. 37 Lakeshore DriveCastlebarHouseCALL
Ballintubber, ErrewCastlebarHouseCALL
Mo. 56 Manor VillageCastlebarHouseCALL
No. 9 Cherrington PlaceCastlebarHouseCALL
No. 11 The WillowsCastlebarHouseCALL
Rocklands, Golf LinksCastlebarBungalow€325,000
No. 14 The WillowsCastlebarHouseCALL
No 2 College Woods, Castlebar RdBallaHouseCALL
No. 20 Oaksview, Turlough RoadCastlebarHouse€155,000
No 6 Blackfort Manor, Newport RoadCastlebarHouse€240,000
No. 11 Rossmore, Pontoon RoadCastlebarHouse€255,000
Ballinrobe RoadCastlebarHouseCALL
Ballyneggin Turlough RdCastlebarHouseCALL
Cappaduff EastTourmakeadyHouse€280,000
Ballyneggin, Turlough RoadCastlebarHouseCALL
Newport RoadCastlebarHouseCALL
Cappaghduff WestTourmakeadyHouse€360,000
Ballymacragh, Westport RoadCastlebarHouse€179,500
" Creeve", The CurraghCastlebarHouse€190,000
No. 33 The Oaks, Turlough RoadCastlebarHouseCALL
Keel West ,DooaghAchillHouseCALL
Carrowkeel House, Clogher, BallintubberCastlebarHouseCALL
2 Properties for sale at NewtownCastlebarHouseCALL
Ashford Manor, Claremorris RoadKnockHouseCALL

Latest New Homes on the market:

New Homes

Latest Lettings on the market:

No. 25 Rosmor, Pontoon RoadCastlebarHouse€750 per month
Summerbrooke House, ManullaCastlebarHouse€750 per month

Latest Commercial on the market:

Unit to Let ,Mc Hale RoadCastlebar1,000 sq. ftCALL
Ballyvary VillageCastlebar-€85 per week
The Humbert MallCastlebar1,000 sq. ftCALL
The Humbert MallCastlebar1,700 sq. ftCALL
Spencer StreetCastlebar2,400 sq. ft€275,000
Retail Unit
Main StreetCastlebar2,477 sq. ft€237,500
Commercial Unit to let, Castlebar Retail Park, Breaffy RoadCastlebar4,000 sq. ftCALL
The SquareCharlestown326 sq. ft€130 per week
The Paper Shop, Main StreetKiltimagh2,241 sq. ft€155,000
Unit 8 , N5 Business Park, Moneenbradagh, Dublin RoadCastlebar30,100 sq. ftCALL
Humbert MallCastlebar650 sq. ftCALL
Golden Mile Industral Estate,Breaffy RoadCastlebar9,000 sq. ftCALL
Castle StreetCastlebar6,534 sq. ftCALL
Ellison StreetCastlebar4,928 sq. ftCALL
Industrial Unit
Commercial Unit 5,000 sq.ft ( TENANTS NOT AFFECTED)Castlebar5,000 sq. ftCALL
Rathbawn RoadCastlebar-CALL
Thomas StreetCastlebar4,385 sq. ftCALL
Castlebar Retail Park, Breaffy RoadCastlebar8,000 sq. ftCALL
Golden Mile Industrial Estate, Breaffy RoadCastlebar5,200 sq. ftCALL
Commercial Site
Deerpark, KilbrideSwinford130,680 sq. ftCALL
Prime Development Property, Market SquareCastlebar861 sq. ftCALL
Turlough RoadCastlebar261,360 sq. ftCALL
Prime Development Site, NewtownCastlebar1,655 sq. ftCALL
Prime Riverside Opportunity ( Fomally Durkans Residential Licensed Premises)Charlestown10,764 sq. ftCALL
Castlebar TownCastlebar-€100 per week
Agricultural Land
Barney, BreaffyCastlebar10.00 acresCALL
TawnycoolaweeCastlebar3.89 acresCALL
CarrawardBohola29.00 acresCALL
Ballyart, ParkeCastlebar5.82 acresCALL
Forestry for Sale, Altinea ,BoholaCastlebar7.78 acresCALL
5.55 acres of land in one Unit ,Cloonkeen ,Westport RoadCastlebar5.55 acresCALL
Toocananagh, BoholaCastlebar9.00 acresCALL
Barley Hill ,BoholaCastlebar15.00 acresCALL
Established Forestry Ballymacrah & Ballynaboll SouthCastlebar45.76 acresCALL
Aghalusky, AraBalla12.00 acresCALL
Lissalacaun Belcarra/ Clogher AreaCastlebar30.00 acresCALL
Cappagh/ Clydagh, Pontoon RoadCastlebar11.00 acresCALL
Clondaff, GlenhestNewport18.50 acresCALL
12 acres of Land ,CloongeeFoxford12.00 acresCALL
BreaffyCastlebar20.00 acresCALL
Sheenauns, BurrenCastlebar18.00 acresCALL
Foxfield, AyleWestport1.50 acresCALL
Ball Alley FieldFoxford0.35 acres€75,000
Rinnahulty ,ManullaCastlebar16.00 acresCALL
Sheeans BurrenCastlebar56.00 acresCALL
Fauleens, CarracastleCharlestown17.50 acres€75,000
Fualeens, CarracastleCharlestown17.50 acres€75,000
16 .51 Acres Non Residentail Land , AnnaghCastlebar16.51 acresCALL
Restaurant / Bar / Hotel
West of Ireland Excellent Restaurant OpportunityMayo-CALL
Sam Adams 7 Day Licensed Premises, Linenhall Street, CastlebarCastlebar-CALL
Mc Carthy's Licensed PremisesWestport-CALL
Healy's Restaurant and Fishing Lodge , PontoonCastlebar-CALL
7 Day Licensed Premises , Meddicott StreetNewport-CALL
For Immediate Sale By Private Treaty The Croagh Patrick Visitors Centre , MurriskWestport2,700 sq. ftCALL
The SquareCharlestown-CALL
Development Land
6.5 acres Camp/ Caravan Site, DugortAchill6.50 acresCALL
Gortnafolla, TurloughCastlebar3.00 acresCALL
Knockaneden, IslandeadyCastlebar26.00 acresCALL
Deerpark EastWestport17.50 acresCALL
Investment Property
Valuable Investment Property( TENANTS NOT AFFECTED)Castlebar-CALL
The Humbert MallCastlebar1,700 sq. ftCALL
Multi - Let Investment Opportunity ( TENANTS NOT AFFECTED) , Ellison StreetCastlebar-CALL
Prime Investment Opportunity ( Tenants not affected),Market SquareCastlebar862 sq. ftCALL
St Annes Nursing Home, SonnaghCharlestown-CALL
Luddenhill House, Station RoadCastlebar-CALL
BallaghCharlestown1,020 sq. ft€139,000
Station Road, Castlebar, F23AH51Castlebar-€1,000,000
Moneen RoundaboutCastlebar-CALL
Long Established Residential Convenience Store & Filling StationMayo-CALL
Apt 32 Hawthorn VillageCastlebar686 sq. ftCALL
No. 32 Hawthorn Village, MilebushCastlebar686 sq. ftCALL
( TENANTS NOT AFFECTED) Ellison StreetCastlebar6,550 sq. ftCALL
Mayo AbbeyClaremorris1,105 sq. ftCALL